Work From Home Does Not Mean Your Property Should Not Be Maintained!

Work From Home Does Not Mean Your Property Should Not Be Maintained!

In the wake of the present COVID 19 pandemic, there are some unseen risks would emerge as a lot of the facilities will not be used in the offices across India.

Some of the risks that crop up as the facilities go idle are theft, Fires, vandalism and climate change. There are just a few examples of the risks – and understaffed facilities are possibly more susceptible. Apart from these, there are also health and property asset maintenance issues that need to be addressed. 

The losses at the idle properties can be prevented and the organizations should make sure the following needs are addressed, the health and safety of the employees should be on top of their priority list under every circumstance. 

Essential personnel: 

The authorities should be made to understand that the presence of security and maintenance personnel on the official site are ‘essential’ as there have been orders to work from home.

Active security: 

There should be active supervision of the facilities which are idle, the security rounds should be done from inside and outside of the idle facilities. Check for any sort of illegal activity, fire, smoke or any kind of damage to the property. For this purpose, there are sensors and webcams to detect any suspicious activity. Same should be utilized as far as possible.

Fire protection: 

Every organization should have fire protection equipment. The maintenance staff should check the sprinkler valve lock on a daily basis. Debris and ignitable liquids should be removed, also monitor for any welding or other ‘hot work’ that is taking place. The local fire department of the building’s change in use should be intimated.

Flood protection: 

Water damage is considered as the most dangerous thing to the commercial and industrial property, and it is a risk that is increasing regularly as the ocean levels and population is on the rise. Increase the equipment and the property should be equipped with temporary and permanent solutions for floods.


It is the right time to do the maintenance that is overdue, such as repair of an expensive machine or sealing a leakage in the roof.

It’s essential to remember that more serious risks are still hampering and will keep on affecting the resilience of the organizations.

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