Why housekeeping services are vital?

Why housekeeping services are vital?

Why everyone opts to stay in a hotel when they are away from their home?

It is because of the satisfying hotel environment and who made this?

They are none other than a housekeeping team of a hotel.

The utmost standard of cleanliness and quality of services delivered to the guest is their main responsibility.

Major responsibilities of Housekeeping team:

  • Maintenance
    It is mainly concerned with the safe and efficient working of equipment and machinery. It includes the repairing of damaged resources as quickly as possible so that the guest should not suffer because of the resources.
    Proper guidelines should be followed to conduct the maintenance.
  • Proper ventilation
    Housekeeping team maintains the proper ventilation in the hotel premises.
    Natural light is the best possible source to build a healthy and fresh environment.
    The windows and doors are designed in such a way that there should be a required incoming and outgoing space for the natural light.
    Dust and dirt are removed on the regular basis to avoids the contamination of germs in the atmosphere. Housekeepers use compressed air for dusting
    Disinfectants are used to maintain the proper …..and hygiene of the floors.
    Greenery is the better substitute for artificial decors.
  • Maintain Lightning:
    Harsh lighting and dim lightning both can be harmful, so proper lighting should be maintained. Natural light plays an important role to give best ever experience to the guest.
    Housekeeping staff manages the amount of lightning which gives a soothing experience to the guests.
  • Optimum utilization of resources:
    The optimum utilization of renewable and non-renewable resources to manage the budget on the expenditure.
    Unnecessary wastage of energy results into higher cost investment in it and more carbon emission.
    Using it in an efficient manner can be cost effective and will be suitable for the environment also.
    The energy consumption can be easily managed according to the hotel demand.

Importance of Housekeeping Services:

  • Housekeeping is one of the important department of the hotel which ensures the cleanliness and maintains the surrounding.
  • The revenue generation and profit of the hotel depending on the sales of room and that sale are directly related with how they are dealing with their guests.
  • The services provided by the housekeeping staff are the sole reason behind the client’s desirable experience of the guests that gives them a reason to again visit the hotel and enjoy their services.
  • Housekeeping is a tough task because this department demands tireless work 24 x 7 for 365 days and each day brings a new challenge to give their best and deal with different types of guests.
  • Housekeeping team not only ensure the cleanliness but also make sure that they are their guest as their first priority and convince them to visit again in their hotel in the future also.
    So it can be said that housekeeping team act as a backbone and give their best to maintain the reputation and success of the hotel.
  • That is why the housekeeping services are becoming extremely popular and some of the companies are even outsourcing the housekeeping services as per the demand of the customers or hotels.

Key points are taken care of by the Housekeeping Staff:

  • They always try to deliver an extreme level of comfort to their guest with the ultimate level of courtesy.
  • They always put their best possible efforts to maintain a comforting atmosphere for their guest.
  • Not leave any stone unturned by meeting the standards of cleanliness and by keeping an eye on each and every area to ensure the hygiene.
  • Customer’s satisfaction is their first priority.
  • Never let down the image of the hotel.
  • There is no holiday for them, the housekeeping staff is always on duty.
  • They treat the guest of the hotel as their own guest and always ready to welcome them.
  • Make sure that the applicants that the guest are using should be properly working and the resources such as clothes and bedsheets that are given to the guest should be hygienic.
  • Take care of the Laundering requirements of their guests and maintain the standard and decency of their room.
  • It is the main responsibility of housekeeping staff to maintain the hotel property and its renovation according to the guidelines of interior designers.
  • Make sure to take the necessary steps to fulfill the safety and security guidelines.

The housekeeping is not just about delivering cleaning services in the hotels it is more about technology and automation driven key for different areas such as inventory management.

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