Why hire an IFM company for your landscape maintainance?

If we speak in the Indian context the landscaping has always been pivotal in enhancing the beauty and quality of a building. As far as our country and its culture is concerned we have always been lovers of good quality landscaping. Beginning from the Mughal Gardens to the latest and freshly constructed building’s innovations in landscape designs are now an emerging pattern. Not so long ago maintaining the corporate landscape was handled by a few traditionally trained gardener type of people. Well, things are changing now, one reason being that the cost of creating a fresh landscape has skyrocketed in the present times, hence maintaining them professionally is more of a necessity than an option.

That’s where professionally run IFM companies have made a mark for themselves. Managing landscape in a professional way is a complex task and nothing can be left to chance here. Year-round efforts have to be made to keep the gardens and supportive structures in a proper shape. Here are the things which an IFM company can provide for its clients as far as landscape management is concerned.

Irrigation Management

Irrigation or watering of plants might sound like a really insignificant and small task, but in reality when it comes to managing a landscape of a commercial building the level of complexity reaches the next level. The objective here is to prevent wilting and death of plants due to lack of water supply or should we say poor irrigation management. Plants are living creature and have different water requirements. Too much or too little water both are detrimental to the plants’ root development. We all know that a healthy root structure in an urban landscaping setting is a must for the long-term survivability of the plant. Another point worth mentioning here is that in urban settings conservation of water resources is something which must be adhered to. We already have less quality water available for consumption hence wasting it or using it improperly is absolutely out of question. A good IFM company can handle irrigation duties very well and also help in saving water.

Time of Watering

Since we are dealing with plants here hence timing the irrigation task becomes vital. A good IFM company has staff which is armed with the knowledge of horticulture, Hence they know when to water the plants and in what quantity. Hence saving a lot of money in utility bills. The proper watering schedule also helps in keeping plants healthy and in bloom. In short, it makes your commercial property look fab. If temperature, humidity, wind, and day length never varied, a garden could be watered according to a calendar schedule. Weather conditions, however, will upset such a schedule. Under the influence of a hot, dry wind, plants use water so rapidly that shallow-rooted plants cannot absorb water from the soil fast enough to prevent wilting. In such weather, watering must be more frequent than a timed schedule would suggest. Conversely, when coolness or humidity prevails, watering should be done less frequently.  

Managing Water Sources

Role of a professional IFM company is pivotal in managing the water sources. As we have mentioned before that in an urban landscaping setting managing water is crucial. Water is not as freely available as in a rural setting and at the same time, there is a scarcity of water too. Small landscapes can be managed with the regular municipal water supply but if the area is huge then going in for a bore well is a wise thing to do. However, such decisions would be largely governed by the local laws and a facility manager taking care of landscaping has to find his way out of it and in a legal frame.

Fertilizing and Weed Control

A professionally run IFM company which is capable of handling landscape management duties has trained staff which is well aware of the fertilizing schedule of the plants that are under management. This ensures that the overall quality of the landscape is maintained and plants are healthy and robust. Another important duty for landscape managers is controlling the weeds and pests. Hence it becomes important for the landscape management staff to ensure that the pest control and weed control schedules are well prepared and executed.

General Maintainance

Till now we have discussed the technical methods by which an IFM company can help manage and maintain a commercial buildings landscape. However apart from the technical side of things a good IFM company also has to maintain the looks of the entire landscape. Duties, like mowing the lawn and painting the landscape fixtures, are all the duties of the IFM staff.

So here are the reasons why one should hire an IFM company for landscape maintenance. It saves a lot of hassles and would keep your building looking like a rock star.

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  1. Very Good artical for landscape maintanance. Please include treated water usages. Renovations. Dead plants plantation.Top dressings of sand for healthy of soil and undulation fixings. Tool’s and equipment usages. pruning of tree’s. checking and controlling termites and pest in the soil. Thanks Mustafa Baig

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