Why do we need Green Buildings?

Why do we need Green Buildings?

Nowadays green buildings are attracting more attention because its creation doesn’t harm the environment. It adds value in our surrounding to encourage the sustainability at our planet.

The objective of green building is not just making a luxurious infrastructure but also takes care of the environment. It is stated by many of the surveys that companies are planning to implement half of their construction projects as green construction in the upcoming years.

There is continuous growth in the international market for green construction projects from the last 10 years. A report, published by Dodge Data & Analytics has proven that the demand for green construction is just get doubled because of its benefits.

Advantages of green building :

  1. Less energy consumption
  2. Reduced Operating Costs
  3. Proper indoor air quality
  4. Benefits for building owners

All these advantages are reflecting that green buildings are beneficial for people as well as for the environment also.

Donna Laquidara, Ph.D., LEED AP, Industry Insights Research Director with Dodge Data & Analytics said that “Enthusiasm for green building is clear in all major markets measured, and that is driven by the business benefits they receive, which have stayed consistent since 2012″

The major benefit of green construction is to limit approximately 8 percent of the operating cost and reduce the asset value of the building.

Reasons why we need green buildings?

The biggest challenge is to increase the number of green buildings in the present scenario because it is the perception that the construction cost of green building is much more costly as compared to the construction of the traditional buildings.

  1. The main goal of retrofitting buildings and make them green is to meet the carbon-neutral goals which can be very cost effective for the planet.
  2. The green buildings also show a great impact on the health and well being of its employees which directly affects output productivity. It develops a supporting and healthy environment for the working place.
  3. All over the globe, green building is gaining a significant place as a smart way of developing the world. Several reports show the insights given by experts which can be used to improve the performance of buildings in the upcoming years.
  4. The technology is getting changed rapidly with respect to the modern world. This automation can be merged with the innovation of green buildings that are acting as a boon for the employees.
  5. Automation leads to the efficient utilization of resources of green buildings. Hence saves lots of money.
  6. Architects, engineers, owners, contractors, designers and investors are trying their level best to increase the growth of the green market that can be advantageous for them as well as for our ecosystem also. Protection of the environment is crucially needed now and green buildings are helping us achieve the same.
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