Why Certifications Matter in IFM Industry?

Why Certifications Matter in IFM Industry?

Integrated Facilities Management is a very wide term. This term has become pretty popular in India too. We have mentioned this many times in our blog post previously that facilities management as an Industrial service is still highly fragmented in India. Apart from fragmentation, it is also highly disorganized. 

So this makes it pretty hard for the clients to choose the services, as there are so many players claiming to be an IFM company when the fact is that most of the small players only provide a handful of facility management services. Many will be just providing regular housekeeping services and still claim to be an IFM Company. This leads to a lack of service delivery and the entire IFM family earning a bad name in general. This actually is not a good sign for the growth of our industry and that’s why having proper quality certifications matter. 

Why Look For Certification? 

The entire IFM Industry in India and abroad is more focused on innovation and disruption and spend a considerable amount of time pondering on how to disrupt the markets when the actual need of the hour is to focus on the existing quality guidelines. See one can only plan disruption and innovation when they have reached a service delivery ceiling. Not many companies in India can claim to have reached a peak in service delivery. Getting quality certifications like ISO and adhering to them while delivering services is something that needs to be done on priority. That’s why more than on innovation the professional IFM companies should seek certification and make every possible effort to deliver upon them. This will lead to higher client satisfaction and in turn, lead to more business due to positive word of mouth. 

How IFM Certifications can lead to better-trained staff? 

Certifications are earned and not bought. Since they are earned then there would be some basis of earning them. That base in the case of the IFM Industry is the training of staff. It is actually pretty natural also as well trained staff will always maintain the highest standards of operations. Since the standards of service delivery will be better maintained then it’s obvious that the customer will also be satisfied. Also, IFM as a service is very versatile. IFM for schools will be different from offices and those of offices will be different from that of a hospital. Hence having certified trained staff for each location will always be a key service differentiator. 

Staff Retention

As we have mentioned before that certifications mean well-trained staff. When the staff is well trained then its apparent that they will perform their duties well and will not feel undue stress of work. Overall they would be more satisfied and will work for long period in the company.

Reduced Legal Costs

Certified team and company would mean that they know how to work according to the compliance. Once all compliance issues are addressed then it’s natural that the cost of legal work will also be reduced. All in all, it makes up for the best win situation for everyone. 

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