What Should IFM Companies Do To Prevent Corona Virus?

What Should IFM Companies Do To Prevent Corona Virus?

What started at Wuhan as a local infection has now become a pandemic. It was perceived that the infection would be contained within China, however, we all know that it did not happen. The virus despite our best efforts has breached almost every nation. Since there is no cure for the infection presently, hence prevention seems to be the only cure. 

People cannot just sit back at home, they have to come out and work. Coming out is the issue here as covid-19 spreads through air and surface. This adds up to the responsibility of IFM agencies. Afterall well being of our patrons is our duty. 

Sanitization is the answer! 

Not much is known about the coronavirus and the studies are still going on. Scientists are working day in and day out to understand the virus and find its cure. However, that’s a long process and the damage is being done. What we know until now is that prevention is the only cure. Now let us have a look at the most effective ways to prevent this virus from the IFM point of view. 

#1. Sanitization: We know that the virus spreads by droplets that are spread when a person coughs or sneezes. The aerosol like the effect of human saliva and mucous help spread the virus. The droplets laden with coronavirus get deposited on the floors, windows, carpets, points of contact. From here it spreads when a non-infected person comes in contact. The only way to kill the virus is by using alcohol-based strong cleaners. Sanitization of a space that too frequently is the only answer. The IFM agencies should ensure that their staff is equipped with the right technical gear to conduct the sanitization process. 

#2. Points Of Contact: Elements like faucets,doorknobs and railings have to be cleaned and wiped with alcohol based cleaner many times a day. Also, the IFM agency has to make it a point that people have access to hand cleaning. One should place hand sanitizers at as many places as possible like coffee dispensing machines, pen holders and photo-copy stations. 

#3. IAQ: With corona virus maintaining a very healthy indoor air quality is vital. So, here things go beyond regular HVAC cleaning. We have to install air purification units. Make sure that the carpets are sanitized too as they harbor the maximum amount of air based pathogens. 

The IFM agency should ensure that  Corona prevention tips and information is displayed at every possible place. People have to be reminded again and again that the threat is real and they should take preventive measures in order to be safe. 

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