What are Plumbing and Carpentry?

Plumbing and Carpentry are the essential works in construction services. Both the jobs are physical and work with different materials and different equipment.

Carpentry involves working with wood as the raw material and working to design finished products, for e.g. the building of a framework for the fixtures in buildings. This may be a window pane fixture. While plumbing involves dealing with piles and systems of waste and waters in any building. Pipelines are the necessary system required needed in any building.

Both the jobs, carpentry, and plumbing need good experience and practice for the work and involves supervisory management. These involve the specialized use of tools, equipment, and practice for shaping materials. It involves working with sharp tools and equipment. Any of the designing, repairing and modification requires specialized hands of a plumber and carpenters and even has risks of injury during the work.


Carpenters are responsible for working with woods as raw materials for creating floors, windows, walls and an arch in the construction. It may also include specialized designing of walls and cabinets. Skilled carpenters can seek more opportunities to advance beautiful constructions in any building or infrastructure.

Although there are no such recognized professional courses for this job it requires good skills and practice. Carpentry involves physical work because it involves dealing with materials, equipment, and physical working for long hours. Some carpenters are individual business whole many works on the basis of contracts in a construction company.

Basic Roles of carpenters includes:

  •    Follow technical designs and building plans
  •    Measuring Materials cut them and shape the wood and other material
  •    Construction and repairing of frameworks, walls, floors and door frames
  •    Inspect and replace damaged structures
  •    Using power tools to create products


Plumbers are deployed for installing a system of pipes in any building and make sure they work with the correct flow. Pipelining deals with the correct flow of drinking water and removing waste in a system of pipes. They have heavy equipment to carry and required good labor power. Every system, residential or professional requires plumbing.

Plumbers usually have their plumbing service business while some of the jobs for plumbers are there in the manufacturing sector. Plumbing job is not fixed, they have to work even on weekends and declared holidays, they need to respond on emergencies. A plumber also works to design a plumbing system in buildings for construction supervisors to deploy pipes while construction of the building.

Basic Roles of Plumbing include:

  •  Assemble the materials in the system of pipelining, pipe sections, couplings, bolts, tubing, and fittings.
  •    Use specialized techniques to detect leakages and manage them.
  •    Design pipeline system according to the building designs.
  •    Monitoring and delegating plumbing tasks.
  •    Installing underground water piping systems to connect fixtures.  
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