What are LLLCs? and How they help save energy?

What are LLLCs? and How they help save energy?

If you are looking for an efficient solution that can be helpful for your office building to achieve significant energy saving, then Luminaire Level Lightning is the reliable option. It also promotes integrated building systems. The commercial facilities provide energy savings through high-level controls.

In leading technological world, efficiency goals are also changing day by day as per the requirements of users. To fulfill those demands there is a need to enhance energy savings from commercial lighting systems.

Instead of using conventional way, the LLLC is more suitable as per today’s demand. It consists of a fully enhanced set of sensors.

What are LLLCs?
It is a lightning product that is wirelessly networked with highly advanced integrated sensors that helps luminaries within the system to communicate with each other. These systems are sufficient to offer more than one capabilities in one package.

Advantages of using LLLCs
It’s easy installation and usage is one of the biggest benefits

LLLCs allows you to control it via app or tablet. Its retrofit kits give the liberty of easy installation with linear fluorescent fixtures.178

Gives long-term guaranty

It is adaptable with the change in space usage.No need of change-over of new tenants instead of that utilize fixture with LLLCs.

Saves Energy Cost

As compare to non-controlled fixtures it uses 25 to 70 % less energy.

Better User Experience

It provides a better environment to complete the work by giving the required amount of light.

Additional features of LLLCs are:

  • It offers wired or wireless structure both.
  • It offers smart sensor temperature monitoring for HVAC integration.
  • It offers integration of security services with automated window shade control.
  • It offers integration for building management system.
  • It offers plug-load monitoring.
  • It offers the functionality for maintenance alert.

LLLCs consists of basic elements:

Single multi-type sensor with Luminaire controller, continuous dimming, Gateway for transferring information, a driver, software package which provides simple commissioning and user interface, monitoring and data collection software for occupancy and lighting energy consumption, with sampling typically once per minute.

One of the major application of LLLCs  is :

Lightning is considered as most fastly growing technology systems in building design process.

Customer’s Experience

The building management team of pacific tower wanted to upgrade the old system because it was not sufficient to meet customers requirements that lead to a challenge for them to conserve energy and provide a better experience to users in this modern era.

Then they choose LLC for their Pacific tower which gave them the facility of best lighting options with the following features

It ensures long-term flexibility

It provides Granular Control

Maximum Energy Savings

Cost Factors involved in LLLC:

Decreased Costs.

Because of the advanced technology, the costs of the wireless digital network are decreasing fastly and that’s why sensors are easily available in the market.


Nowadays the ease of efficient integration of LLLCs is available at lower costs.

LLLCs are enabling facility managers for stress-free layering and maintaining of strategies from the fixture. It is the reason behind the pathway to nearly zero net energy buildings.

So the LLLCs should be used for more significant energy saving.

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