Trends in energy saving which every IFM should know!

This blog post is targeted both at our peers and our clients. Being into the business of facility management we are sure that everyone having the interest in facility management as a business and as a science would be aware of simple steps that can make a facility more energy efficient. Small things like replacing the old light bulbs with LEDs, Getting yourself energy star appliances and maintaining HVAC on time can have a real positive impact on the savings.

To be frank, these small measures a great start but as a professional facility management company, we can say this with authority that energy usage is an evolving variable as far as our work is concerned. New technology and trends are always emerging and hence there are always fresh avenues for boosting energy efficiency.

According Jennifer Chiodo, managing principal of Cx Associates “Most buildings we look at can save between 20 and 50 percent of their current energy consumption,” by embracing new techniques and technology for managing their energy demands.

Well here comes the list of emerging trends in energy saving which every one of us should know.

Big Data as a Resource for Energy Efficiency
The latest trend everywhere is harnessing the power of big data, and it’s obvious that facility management companies would also use it to save energy. Using energy data and information now is a big tool in the arsenal of facility managers to understand which part of the building is using more energy and how it can be tweaked for a more efficient functioning. Capturing big data for such a purpose will require the installation of an energy management information system which is one investment that should be made by every big industry or office which uses energy on a large scale. This system can even pinpoint whether your HVAC system is working the way it should and even if it is not then what needs to be done to correct the situation.  

Commissioning is the process of making sure energy-using systems in a building are efficient, installed correctly and working properly. In retrocommissioning, an expert analyzes an existing building’s performance and recommends steps that will reduce operating costs while improving the systems’ functionality. It is like tweaking the entire system for a more energy efficient state. To simplify the term further retrocommissioning is the process similar to getting an engine tune-up for your car.

The biggest utility of this process is observed in tweaking the HVAC systems of the buildings. Often we have observed that HVAC temperature controls are set and then forgotten forever. Nobody gives it a serious consideration that temperature has to be set according to the climate and the season. If that is done then automatically the energy bill will come less. This is just one example there are many avenues in a facility which can be benefited from retrocommissioning.

Lighting Control
Most of the time it is observed that employees do not have lighting control in their hands. More often than not offices provide overhead lighting which might not be required by the employee and since he does not have much control of it then there is nothing much he can do to change the situation. This leads to an unwanted increase in electricity bills. Now the trend is coming of smart LED lights which can be dimmed from the computer of the employee. So he is in control of how much light he needs to conduct his work properly. Smart LED lights also allow for controlling the intensity of light hence helping create a perfect ambiance which can support more productive work.

Smart Grid
The concept of the smart grid is catching up fast in India now. In the Indian context its all about using solar energy for powering your office or factory. Solar energy can be either used directly hence saving on the power bills or you can sell the energy to the grid hence getting heavy discounts on your bills. Although the initial cost of installing a solar setup might be high, however, in the long run, it amounts to huge savings.

Well, here the emerging trends in energy saving which can really pump up the energy efficiency of your building. We hope that our blog post added some value to our readers.

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