Things to consider for lighting maintenance

Things to consider for lighting maintenance

Believe it or not, lighting systems of commercial buildings are a major expense center. Keeping the lighting at a commercial set up at optimal levels is a huge task. It requires money and the only thing that can keep the prices well under control is proper planning and maintenance. Illumination Systems are designed to fulfill the required lighting level at the end of an operation term and not at day one of the new installations. The luminous flux of the system is going down over a lifetime. This is a normal process, no product is lasting forever but the required illuminance levels should not be depreciated at any time. What good is the lighting system if the intensity of the light decreases over time. This where the element of maintenance comes into the picture. A well-maintained illumination or lighting system can do wonders for an organization. That’s why the role of a professional IFM company is critical in getting things done here.

Factors Influencing Illumination in a building

There are many factors that influence the illumination levels of a building or an office. They are as follows: 

Room Surface Maintenance Factor

Dull, dirty surfaces mean poor lighting conditions. That’s not something which we made up, but its a fact. Room surface maintenance factor is the reduction in lighting reduction of the lighting level according to the soiling of the room. This factor depends upon the cleanliness of the room, the dirtier the room lower is the maintenance factor. 

Luminaire Maintenance Factor

The luminaire maintenance factor is the ratio of the luminaire’s luminous flux before and after cleaning. It depends on the luminaire construction and design (open housing or closed one) as well as on environmental conditions (dirty or clean). The higher the luminaires protection degree from dust, and the cleaner the room, the higher the maintenance factor.

Consider the accessibility of the luminaires when setting up the maintenance plan. The more difficult to reach, the more the maintenance costs will be. (Source: MyLedLighting) 

Basically what the above-mentioned factor means is that the lamps should be easy to clean, they should be at such a level where dust and dirt from them can be wiped off regularly. If the lamps are clean then the amount of light they give off will naturally be better. 

Lamp Survival Factor

This is also a big factor that comes into play. The life of the lamp itself. There are many factors that govern the life of the lamp. Things like the number of times a lamp is turned on or off, the voltage that comes into the building and whether it’s constant or not. All these factors contribute to the fact how long the lamp is going to last in a building and at what time it would need replacement. 

These are just some of the factors which govern the lighting or illumination system maintenance in a building. Such mission-critical elements of a building should always be taken care of by a professional IFM agency. It will greatly help in keeping the overall operational costs of the building to an all-time low.

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