The future of Integrated Facility Management

The future of Integrated Facility Management

Integrated facility management provides a streamlined way for efficient work and managing tasks.

Parameters on which the future of IFM depends:

1. Repair & Maintenance

The safe and trouble free working of resources and events ensures the proper functioning of the system.

In any organization, all the system and resources require right planned maintenance to confirm its efficient and effective functionality for generating correct output.

Regardless of its complexity in terms of space, speed, and size every business must follow the facility strategy suggested by facility providers to limit the operating expenses.

Regular monitoring to analyze the requirement of maintenance helps to the consistency of the system with its maximum efficiency.

2. Eco-Friendly FM Practices

By implementing Eco-Friendly FM Practices, facility services providers try to achieve Sustainable Facilities Management Services(SFME).In SFME encourages the integration of green building concept with facilities management.   

Their motive is to promote the sustainability of facilities and delivers the services that are beneficial for people but doesn’t harm the environment.

Eco-Friendly approach and practices are aimed to deliver all the services with optimum utilization of energy resources.

For existing building operation they use Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) f and for managing the facilities in a sustainable manner they use  Maintenance Rating System (EBO&M).

These eco-friendly practices maintain the high performance and increase the lifespan of the resources.

3. Data-Driven Equipment

Using machine learning and predictive analysis for the data generated at the real-time helps the organization to manage that data easily and use it to increase their revenue generation.

Facility management services play an important role in providing the benefit from a data-driven approach.

Data-driven equipment helps the facility providers to identify less important areas whose cost expenditure is handled by the company.

4. Technology used:

Facility management services use the following technologies :

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology: It is the process used for creating and managing digital models of physical infrastructure. This technology gives the benefit to the organizations to get the visual depiction of components of the system.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: These technologies allow the facility managers to manage the resources with an intelligent approach. Machine learning technology makes the components smart enough to take the decisions according to the surrounding with minimum human interventions.
  • Smart Building Technology: A smart building can give a new and innovative definition to your organization. The ultimate goal of any organization is to gain maximum customer satisfaction. The smart building can be the best possible option to enhance service quality delivered to the customers.

Its main motive is to merge business with the latest cutting-edge technology to give the best experience to employees as well as to the customers.

3 pillars of a smart building are:

  1. Sensors:
    Sensors and actuators are the building block of smart buildings.
    It senses the real-time data and acts according to the current requirements.
  2. Connectivity:
    To manage the proper flow of working, proper connectivity is required.
  3. Big data analysis:
    In today’s world, a huge amount of data is generated day by day. It is necessary to use efficient tools and technology to analyze and store that data.
    It is leading technology used in real estate and facility managers.

5. Optimizing Supply Management

Its purpose is to identify the managerial process that can be used for the development of the FM as a service function.

6. Trust but Verify

For any organization, there are multiple disciplines that ensure its proper functioning. These disciplines involve the integration of people, technology and process.

Facility managers are not only responsible for managing the workflow but also make sure to create the right environment in the workplace.

So if you have given the contract to any of the facility management services and you are satisfied with their services and trust them So think for a while and analyze the following parameters to verify the services:

  • Is your facility management company a multi-tasker?
  • Is your facility management company a problem solver?
  • People handling Skills
  • Hands-On Approach to Work

7. Mobility Brings FM Everywhere, to Everyone

The concept of mobility gives the benefit to the service providers to deliver their services from anywhere to everywhere.

8. Getting Smarter by using smart services

FM services are combining with the cutting edge technology to deliver better and smart services to the organization.

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