The enhanced role of integrated facilities management companies during a COVID-19 pandemic

The enhanced role of integrated facilities management companies during a COVID-19 pandemic

Facility managing companies are offering extra incentives to the employees and workers, particularly who are working with cleaning and sanitising commercial and residential space. All the companies are involving in this to make sure that the workers are engaged as this will motivate the clients to invest. The workers are also offered food along with temporary accommodation and hygiene requirements. With the companies making arrangements for their workers it has become viable to ensure that not just the employees but their families are also safe. Considering the scare created by the ongoing pandemic, all the complexes be it residential or commercial are sanitised two to three times a week along with the regular hygiene measures. 

Understanding the role of facility managers:

The facility managers are a group of people dealing with the maintenance of organisations and also people involved in it. The facility managers are responsible for taking the right action for implementing various regulations to prevent containment in the office. Some of the most crucial roles played by facility managers in this period of the crisis include: 


  • Bringing down the concentration level of workers


According to the guidelines released by the government it has become necessary to reduce the concentration level of the workers within any given area. This can be implemented by shift adjustments, installing ways for remote working along with enhancing the flexibility within the workplace. 


  • Reducing the physical closeness of the staff members


It is also an important duty of the facility managers to see to it that the density of the staff members is reduced to a great extent. For examples, in elevators, the maximum number of people should be below 50 per cent of its capacity. And each worker should be given a space larger than 2.5 square meters. Needless to say, no worker should greet anyone by shaking hands for reducing the chance of hand to hand infection. 


  • Cleaning and sanitising


Maintaining a strict cleaning routine is very important to ward off the spread of COVID-19. The chosen team of cleaning and sanitising should be educated and properly trained in the subject. Circulation of air through centralised ventilation and air conditioning can remain disabled and any component that can pose a threat of infection should be disinfected or repaired or removed to prevent the spread of the virus. 


  • Avoiding international trips


One of the key roles of facility managers involves travelling to international business trips and attending events of such relevance. But it is wise to avoid these kinds of trips in this hour of crisis. It is not just safe for the employees but it also mitigates the risk of bringing the infection back to your workplace, your family and your community at large.


  • Staying updated


Facility managers can also see to it that the policies and regulations involving sick leave in the workplace are flexible and made according to the recommendations of the national healthcare policies. It is also important to inform the staff members about these rules so that they know exactly what they have to do. Though everyone knows, still emphasising personal hygiene and sanitisation can go a long way to help prevent the spread of the virus.

In case one or more members of the staff think that they have been infected, it is crucial that they stop coming to work and go for a checkup in a healthcare centre. Also, facility managers should see that all workers who have been in contact with the infection must stay in self-isolation and get tested without any delay. 

Some companies have planned that a minimum number of workers should be present on-site with the others divided into batches that should be working on an alternative schedule. These companies are depending on a surged use of technology for managing residential and commercial areas. The main role of the facility managers in this crisis is to understand and procure more information about the novel coronavirus and ways of dealing with them both in the workplace as well aa home in terms of prevention.

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