Technical Asset Management – Proper Way To Do It

Technical Asset Management – Proper Way To Do It

Technical asset management & tracking is one of the major aspects of any facility management process, no matter in which industry you are working. Various asset management & tracking software helps companies to track technical assets, including HVAC, fire extinguisher & electrical power supply, helps in keeping a track of their working life cycle, thus reducing the downtime and helping in increasing company productivity. These companies make sure that every business asset is properly used and working in proper condition so that any unwanted incident does not occur in business.

CLRservices provides technical asset management services which allow managing & streamlining the asset management through a completely automatic process which works real time and allows the asset tracking to be used in real time.

This complete tracking process consists of two steps.

First one is Geographical mapping – This geographical mapping allows asset tracking on the basis of location, number of sites, types of builds etc.

The second and most important step is inventory management on the basis of the equipment installation structure. Technical asset management is all about tracking the complete building assets like HVAC, fire extinguisher, elevator signals, communication lines, and many other things.

To do proper asset tracking & management this broad category equipment further subs categorized into small subcategories. For example, centralized AC plant inventory can be further subcategorized in main power systems, heating panel, and chillers. In the power supply category, they are broke down in heavy load lines, medium load line and one for least loads. This removes the requirement of manual data entry and lengthy paperwork, which allows the business to increase the productivity via more accurate & faster data collection and more efficient assets allocation as per their requirement.

When these two processes work together, complete tracking of assets & their proper utilization is possible.

Other important steps of performing technical asset management process include:

Detailed Information Tracking – Asset tracking can only be successful if it has provided complete detailed information about every asset. Detail entry will allow you to take proper decisions on the basis of every small detail you have. For example, if the inventory has a column of the total number of fans which are installed in the fresh area, then it will be easy for the team to calculate the time they will take to do complete service of all the fans.

Asset tracking makes sure that the complete performance of the organization should be improved. Detailed and timely service checkup make sure that asset quality is maintained and company equipment are fully operational all the time with their full capacity.

So in nutshell following are the major benefits of asset management & tracking.

  •    Complete tracking of all technical assets in the business.
  •    Overall tracking and inventory management of assets in different domains
  •    By proper allocation of resources, Reduction in in-transit goods loss
  •    Lower labor cost by proper allocation of a resource as per requirement
  •    With complete automatic tracking, less human error is obvious.
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