Steps for obtaining successful facility management operations in India

Steps for obtaining successful facility management operations in India

With facility management emerging as the most prospective sectors of the services industry across the world, its popularity is also growing throughout India. Facility management services are being looked upon as the most essential ways to boost the performance of such organisations that act as the crucial elements of the services industry. Though it can be said that facility management services can be integrated with almost every sector of the industry to provide seamless service experience to the customers; they also necessarily influence the performance of the organisation and boost its financial bottom line. 

Crucial steps that could lead to successful facility management operations :

Facility management has emerged as a discipline and a career choice in India very recently. Until the first decade of the new Millenium, the facility management industry was in a very unorganised state and facilities were being looked upon as additional facets to other industries. You could either opt for these amenities or do away with these. But now it has developed as a consolidated discipline in India as well. Though the facility management industry in India is in its nascent stages, it has tremendous potential for growth with the industry estimates pointing out to a Combined Annual Growth Rate of around 31.17%. 

For the development of a successful business initiative, it is crucial to look into every aspect of the organisation which could affect its performance. None of the organisational features should be overlooked. Proper maintenance of the equipment, well-oiled infrastructure and efficiently running premise boosts the productivity of the employees while maintaining their loyalty to the organisation and uplifting their morale. The important steps that could lead to the development of successful facility management services across India can be discussed below. 


  • Maintenance: The various assets of an organisation or a business that a facility manager or a facilities professional tends to, should be carefully tested, inspected and maintained at regular intervals. To achieve this with utmost precision, the facilities manager should create a maintenance schedule and maintain records. This helps in reaping healthy profit margins as well as ensuring excellent customer service. 
  • Security: One of the most crucial aspects of gaining success as a business initiative is the foolproof maintenance of security and similar operations. A facility manager is endowed with the responsibility to keep all the things in order and ensuring the facility or the premises are protected. Surveillance equipment like CCTV cameras and installation of armed security personnel also falls under the vigil of facility managers and professionals. 
  • Energy management: Energy expenditures amount to almost 30% of the net expenses incurred by any organisation. Therefore it has become a prime responsibility of the facility managers to provide and effectuate plans that lead to energy consumption. In most of the organisations, it has become the role of facility managers to look into the minimisation of energy through the effective re-engineering of facilities which would lead the business to develop sustainably and align with the environmental specifications established for the industries. 
  • Awareness and compliance: It is also regarded as the role of the facility manager to undertake the responsibility to inspect and ensure that all the laws and regulations, which are pertinent to the operation of any organisation, are carefully adhered to. It is also their responsibility to create this awareness across all the elements of the organisation. 
  • Continuous upgrading: Very similar to the operations of other industries, there is a crucial need for all the facilities services to be continuously upgraded. This would not only lead to the advantage of the organisation but also provide seamless customer experience. With the emergence of the Internet of Things, Smart Technologies and Industry 4.0, it has been pretty easy for the facilities professionals to maintain and manage the assets and provide associated amenities. Thus it is important that the FM systems and the professionals involved in these services learn the relevant things continuously and upgrade themselves. 


These steps should be borne in mind while trying to develop the best-in-class facilities environment across all of India and to channelise its continuous growth and expansion.

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