Sports Facility Management

Sports Facility Management

India is a country which loves sport and sporting events, sports like cricket are a billion dollar business here. Everybody enjoys the show but only a few know what goes behind the scenes. What level of hard work it takes to make a sporting event a roaring success. That’s where the role of sports facility management comes in to picture.

With the ever-growing industries of sports tourism and recreation, sports facility management of indoor and outdoor complexes has become a task that requires highly experienced leadership. Managing sports events is not everyone’s bread and butter. It really takes lots of expertise and discipline. Managing sports facilities management is a highly specialized subcategory of facilities management.

Following are the functional paradigms of sports facilities management.

Program Planning

The biggest chunk of sports facility management is program planning. Planning is highly dynamic in this scenario and changes from event to event. The client or the organizer has to make his programmatic goals very clear to us. WIthout understanding the entire event philosophy nothing can be planned. We need to know everything in the finest of the details.

Cost Control

Sporting events are really heavy on the costing part. Everything to do with them costs a lot of money. As a professional sports facility management company, it becomes one’s duty to provide the best solution in the least cost possible. The fact is that managing a sporting events facility management is an expensive affair and serious chunk of the organizers budget goes into it. Hence keeping the cost low really helps here.

The Human Factor

Managing a sports even duty means dealing with humans, lots of them mind you. From Managers to Janitors to Pantry duties, humans are involved and yes that too in large numbers. Hence hiring and nurturing the right talent becomes paramount here. There is no space for errors or ignorance here as the quality of human assets will determine the overall quality of the service delivered.

Managing Assets

Modern sporting events and sporting facilities have assets that are really expensive and require due maintenance in order to be optimal functionally. Here the role of trained facility management staff again becomes essential. See a rupee saved is a rupee earned here.

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