Software for facility management in India

Software for facility management in India

As Indian facility management services are facing hindrances to physically monitor and supervise their distributed sites, streamlining their core operations and ensuring customer satisfaction to the fullest; they are gradually opting for efficient facility management software. These software are capable of enabling the companies to successfully manage all the assets of their different sites, track their maintenance schedule, budgets and other associated costs, provide smooth management of regular operations and functions and ensuring the effortless completion of service requests which prompt heightened levels of customer satisfaction. Facility Management software is endowed with the power of capacitating the financial bottom line of a company to reach lofty heights by the corroborating great improvement in the overall productivity of the company.

Simplicity is the key for the software tailored for the modern Indian facility management industry :

The important criterion of manufacturing software which is best suited for the modern Indian facility management industry is that it should be simple. It might be a little hard in controlling the software and following the inherent commands, but it gets simpler with usage and experience. 

The basic purpose of facility management software :

The primary purpose of developing a facility management software was to catalog the tedious and mundane day to day operations. These could range from maintenance schedules to work orders, parts and asset lists. Though the major part of the software employed in the Indian FM industry has been derived out of the manufacturing software that was devised earlier, the Indian FM industry has long outgrown the archaic software and the operations have evolved. With the passage of time, the hands-on blue-collar job roles of the FM industry have evolved into white-collar roles coupled with a long reporting chain where the software involved should be processing requests in an orderly fashion and ensuring that critical things don’t get missed during the procedure.

Since the software industry is yet to embrace this evolution in the FM industry and keep along with the huge technological advancements that are unfolding gradually, the facility management sector has a chance of being left behind.

The best way to improve this scenario and the associated operational framework is to adopt the process assumed by consumer software builders. This process involves the improvement of the design of the software by redesigning workflows that align with normalized human thought processes and which contextualize the service requests according to human behavior. Though the Real estate and other occupancy sectors of the modern Indian FM industry might keep pace with the software add-ons, the health and hospitality sector of India is still value corporeal services more than innovations in technology and might find it cumbersome to deal with continual software developments.

The essence of the hour is to keep the FM software simple :

The objective of improving the FM software is going to be fulfilled once there is enough space in the design to accommodate human ingenuity and adaptability. The design should be logical and yet simple which enables the operators to fulfill simple tasks in an ordered fashion without getting confused. 

With technology achieving lofty heights with each passing day, it is evident that the easiest and fastest way to augment human management of assets and facilities is to design the process to render more intuition, familiarity and flexibility in it. A well manufactured and welcoming user interface which boasts of stability and reliability provides the best possible foundation upon which analytics can be overlaid to develop a revolutionary and legendary built environment.

A facility management software is efficient in providing solutions for :

  • Property management
  • Physical assets management
  • Help desk management
  • Space management
  • Maintenance management
  • Reservation and resource management
  • Business management
  • Hospitality management, etc.

Thus the Indian FM sector needs these simple yet effective solutions which enable the concerned facility managers to effectively organize, structure and run the entire workspace and infrastructure-related operations, repair and maintenance functions for achieving superfluous performance and efficiency.

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