Small Things Make Big Differences

It is obvious that the surrounding will have either a positive or negative impact on their health and well being of its employees. Positive vibes from the environment are very essential to stay safe organized and healthy. Right workplace increases the life expectancy and works potential of an employee which tends to efficient working process and increased productivity.

It is necessary to provide the all required services by the employees at their workplace and it includes lunch and breakfast space too. In the UK one in every three workers don’t have any separate space to have their lunch or breakfast, they do it on their normal routine workplace’s table. It was stated by one of the research that not giving any separate lunch space to the employees can impact the hygiene parameters and the productivity of the quality output.

Importance of regular breaks

Approximately 69% of the employees agreed that they worked less productively because they didn’t get a break to get away from their desk even in the lunchtime also and many of them believe that they can deliver a better quality output if they would get full half n hr lunch break. Research also states that some of the employees believe that it would be better for them if they are allowed to go for a walk during their lunchtime that can help them to keep their mind fresh and productive.

The marketing manager of Furniture, Mark Kelly says that if the workers will be happy they can give their best possible efforts to take the company to new heights that’s why it is very important to provide a healthy and positive environment to the employees.

Another important arrangement is of the proper facility of lunch space that should be given to the employees that will help them to stay away from their normal routine desk at least for some time.

That some time will be more than sufficient for them to re-energize themselves and get back to work again with new enthusiasm.

The researchers state that approx 35% of the workers of UK prefer to take their lunch outside the office building to eat whenever the weather is soothing.

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