Offices and factories are resuming operations. That means the workers who have been away for long are returning to work. This also means that screening them is vital. Fortunately, if you have a professional IFM company working for you, then effective human screening is something you never need to worry about.

Screening returning workers have never been so easy

The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated a number of cautionary steps amongst us and one of the most vital of this is to scan the body temperature of people entering a certain premise. But when you perform this process, you fall at a higher risk of contamination. But there’s nothing to worry anymore. Recently, a low-cost temperature screening device has been launched for automated thermal screening with the help of proxy temperature. It is particularly devised and calibrated for delivering precise skin temperature measurements without having to get close to anyone. 

Fixing up the imaging equipment

All you have to do is to install a thermal camera along with a reference heat source setting on tripods with a direct link on a computer. It will automatically detect the face by detecting the most telling facial features and immediately show an alert when anyone has body temperature higher than normal.

This machine can be installed in entryway, lobby, hallway or any other points that are feasible for the establishment. As a result, a much safer environment for the employees, stakeholders and clients is created. This system is extremely simple to use and can give the desired result within minutes without any additional training or infrastructure. It adds to the business’ portfolio of life-saving equipment amidst this pandemic. 

Claims of the manufacturer

The technology of thermal imaging has been used for years in many parts of the world. It is a quick and non-invasive means of measuring body temperature. The makers of this device opine that they have been making as well as improve the thermal screening technology for the last 40 years. Since the beginning, they have shipping millions of cost-effective thermal imagining machines all over the globe. 

This device makes use of the infrared thermal imaging where a get controlled source along with the specifically devised software for accurately measuring the temperature of the skin. It also offers an extra layer of preventive imaging so that the employees and facility managers can have peace of mind. It also follows the FDA guidelines made during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Key features of the equipment

Some of the most interesting and life-saving features of this temperature scanning device include:

  • Calibration for the temperature: Contrary to the traditional thermal cameras, this device is specifically created for accurate measurement of the skin temperature and also include a fixed source of heat for boosting precision. 
  • Leaves room for social distancing: Since the device is non-contact and non-invasive, therefore, it can easily eliminate any kind of physical contact between the person screening and the participants at the time of measuring.
  • Fast service: This device is able to screen face automatically within a few seconds and find the most significant spots for measuring and displaying the alert. 
  • Easy installation and usage: With two tripods and Windows PC, you can scan the body temperature within minutes. 
  • Best-in-class technology: The process of thermal imaging has been tested and used all over the world for many years in the measurement of body temperature.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The device has been priced at a much lower point compared to other temperature screening devices. 

The manufacturer of this device opines that they are always working to boost the production scales so that all businesses can reap the benefits of using the device. They are known for producing as well as engineering world-class thermal devices that boast of OEM thermal cores and thermal imaging camera. Many countries have shown that it is actually possible to lower down the spread of the coronavirus with the help of strong protective measures while keeping normal functioning methodized. One of the key aspects of these protective measures is the installation of thermal imaging camera. In an over-populated country like India, this equipment is expected to bring around positive changes with respect to the spread of coronavirus.

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