School Security and Integrated Facilities Management

School Security and Integrated Facilities Management

Directions by CBSE for student safety:
The CBSE has directed its affiliated schools to install CCTV cameras at all vulnerable areas within the school and to limit the entry of outsiders within its premises
The Board has also asked the schools to ensure that the non-teaching staff such as bus drivers, conductors, peons, and other support staff be employed only from authorized agencies and that proper records be maintained
Further, the Board has also directed that schools must constitute separate committees for redressal of grievances of the staff, parents, and students, and form an internal committee for complaints regarding sexual harassment under Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act, 2012.
While these directions demand a decent amount of accountability from schools, a holistic approach to tackling the student safety issue is also needed. Schools must recognize the power of vigilance as the key to protecting children.

Schools are critical infrastructure trusted with the obligation of creating citizens of tomorrow. A safe and secure atmosphere is a requirement for effective learning and teaching. Therefore securing the safety of children, teachers and staff members during emergencies is necessary. In the light of recent tragedies involving school children, like the Kumbakonam fire tragedy, Dabwali fire incident and earthquakes around the world where school children were harmed due to unsafe school buildings. It becomes of utmost importance that the safety of children is given due deliberation, thus making schools safe also serves the purpose of their dual use as evacuation centers during crises.

Now the above-mentioned lines are the guidelines as proposed by the government authorities and law of India. But still even after following them, mishaps do occur and innocent lives are kept at danger. The role of a good IFM (Integrated Facility Management) company does have its own importance. Every day we see news of accidents and other such things happening due to the recklessness of school staff like peons and drivers. There have been cases where school janitors have beaten the children or have molested them. This is what happens when schools are careless in picking up their staff. Just for saving a few thousand rupees they play a dirty game with lives of children. That’s why we always insist on having the right manpower for your school.

A professional IFM company will ensure that the staff they are providing to schools has been through a solid background check. Police verification, as well as a private investigator verification, should be done. Anyone with any criminal background should never be allowed on school premises. Taking such proactive measures will ensure that children are in a better and safer environment. Every school should essentially have CCTV surveillance. That too a constantly monitored one. We do provide such staff which can keep an eye on the entire school 24/7. Students should be educated on how to detect predators and what to do when they encounter one. Prevention is always better than cure. There is so much at stake in schools. Everything has to be proper to ensure the smooth running of the school, and a professional integrated facilities management in India can provide the same.

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