Role that an IFM plays in Supporting a Companies Work Culture

We all know that facilities management services are the real unsung heroes in a company. They bring great value to the company but often work behind the scene. This is what makes their contribution to the entire value chain of the company a little faded. However, it’s a known fact that a professional IFM company really brings a positive impact to the work culture of a company.

Its all about Trust

Take the example of any high-performance work culture, you would always find one thing common and that is Trust. 20 years of research done by Great Places to Work has come to the conclusion that the companies which scored high on trust are the one generally which rank very high in terms of profitability also. This is the base impact of promoting trust in a company.  

Nature never creates equals. The same rule is also applicable to the companies. Not all high trust companies are equal. It all boils down to the consistency. The more consistent a company is in promoting and supporting the key factors which augment trust coupled with demographics higher are the chances of it beating the competition. It is also an established fact that the companies which lie in the top quartile for trust are the ones which grow three times faster than those at the bottom quartile.

Now the vital question comes how do you create a high trust environment in a company. Well in our experience it all boils down to each and every person who works in the company. What this means in simpler words is that each one should help one within the company. There should be no grapevines and distrust as far as profession is concerned. If this achieved then the workforce works fearlessly and is bound to take initiatives and calculated risks which then takes the company on a growth path.

On the other hand, if there is a low trust environment in a company then they would be full of excuses and lack dedication and efforts. They will find new ways to cut corner and there would be no initiatives taken to improve the business. What that means is that the employees will refrain from openly discussing ideas and will not be productive during meetings and huddles. Missing deadlines and lying hence become a routine. Such a work culture is surely going to end in a sad way.

“According to a study in Harvard Business Review, managers say they are three times more likely to miss performance commitments because of insufficient support from other units than because of their own teams’ failure to deliver.”

“At its most basic form, trust is a promise that an organization’s people will deliver on time, to the right level of quality and on a budget without hurting the environment, company brand or other people.”

How can an IFM team help in creating High Trust Cultures

A professionally run IFM company can really help a company achieve its trust objectives. If the IFM team in place demonstrate trust within itself and its peers and the same can be extended to the client’s team. Then they are in a position to inspire a high trust culture in the company. The best way to radiate a trust culture that would come from the IFM guys is for the IFM team to understand the customers of the company they are working for. They should understand well the concept and the grand ambitions of the company and then do their part in providing a flawless frontline experience. For a good IFM team, it is pretty easy actually. All they have to do is deliver on their service commitment and the rest would follow.

Following are the four steps by which  a good IFM can help create a better work culture

  • Understanding customers needs
    For a good IFM team understanding the needs to the client and its customers is a must. They should understand what their client wants from them and they should also understand what the client’s customer expects from him. Once this level of understanding is achieved then creating a high trust work culture is pretty easy.
  • Provide autonomy
    As a professional IFM company, one of the service delivery objectives should be doing things and provide services which would result in greater work autonomy for clients team. If this is achieved then a high trust culture can be created.
  • Provide Feedback
    When you are working behind the scenes you get to observe things which other more active front-line employees might miss. This phenomenon makes it crucial for IFM team to provide continuous feedback to the management on what they have observed. If things can be corrected on time then it promotes a higher level of trust. That’s what we need right?
  • The Client Centricity
    Every client and every business that a professionally managed IFM company handles is different. They have different ambitions and different work cultures. If the IFM company can be flexible enough to customize and calibrate its services as per the needs of the client then a trust factor will be created which in turn create a high trust work culture.

If the following points are observed and followed then a great work culture can flourish.

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