Role of Housekeeping Staff in Creating the Right Impressions

Role of Housekeeping Staff in Creating the Right Impressions

If you own a business where people are walking in every day, then you would really appreciate our blog post. This blog post is intended for the owners of setups like hotels, premium restaurants, multiplex etc. These are the business concerns where the footfall is of prime importance. It becomes of vital essence that the persons walking into your premises should have the best of the experience. There are no doubts about that all these service-centric industries actually thrive on the level of service that they deliver.

Role of housekeeping staff in these scenarios just cannot be ignored. They are the part of your core team who would be instrumental in creating the right atmosphere for that lasting first impression.

Now you may ask why are the first impressions so vital for the service industry. The answer is simple. It’s the competition. Do you know that on an average a person is bombarded with close to 4000 pieces of marketing communication every day? Out which some significant communication would be the one which concerns your business. To cut the long story short your customer/client has exposure to the options. He is very well aware of the fact that if you don’t serve him well where he has to move on next. One of the biggest challenges that the service industry faces today is that of customer attrition. A much of that can be contributed to the Internet-based marketing that the Indian Companies are paying close attention to now.

Everything is happening in the connected world now. People are now living a virtual life. They rely heavily on the internet-based information sources for locking into your service. They read reviews of other people that they have written for your service and then only decide whether to walk into your property or not. As we have already mentioned that we live in a connected world now. It is very easy nowadays to earn a bad name, Just one bad experience and people would know about it in a matter of minutes. Hence it’s important that you live up to the promise that you are making to your customers. Expectations of the consumers are at all level high, if you don’t deliver then they will move on to the next shop without batting an eyelid. Hence it becomes vital that the first impression that your staff creates is the best. It’s the service that has to be perfect and match the expectation of the customer. If that is not happening then you would be losing business very fast.

How Does Housekeeping come in to picture here?
Housekeeping staff is the hidden heroes of any service-centric organization. They are the one who keeps your place neat and shiny. They ensure that every amenity in your place is working as it was intended to. Nobody likes to enter a mall or a cineplex which stinks of food or dampness. People don’t like being greeted with litter and dirt. They really hate dark areas and dingy lighting. To top it all the biggest turn off for people walking into your place can be stinking and dirty toilets. It’s the housekeeping staff which really takes care of such things which you take for granted.

The above mentioned are more of static duties of the housekeeping staff. There is more to it than it meets the eye. What about little kids throwing up on your carpets. What about lactating mothers needing help with the nursing areas. That’s where our hidden heroes add the real value. Imagine a little 2-year old throwing up in the restaurant. We know the parents are embarrassed but they are the customers who are paying us right? The reaction of the housekeeping staff at that moment of time can give you a lifelong customer. Rather than making faces if a housekeeping staff member promptly addresses the problem with a smile will that customer ever step into someplace else. No, he will not. In fact, he would be more than glad that he visited your place for sure. He would even go ahead and spread the word about the great service that you provided him with in turn bringing in more customers.

So what should a great housekeeping staff have?
Smile: The housekeeping staff should always be armed with a smile. That smile should also be accompanied by a spark in the eye that I am here to help you. A smile is something which is always remembered especially when you need help.

Empathy: The housekeeping staff should always understand the problem of the customer. They should know and reciprocate the fact that whatever mess has been created was not intentional and they are there to help.

Courtesy: Goes without saying a housekeeping staff member should always be polite and show due courtesy to the customers. They should try to deliver more than what’s required.   

Memory: The housekeeping staff should remember who the regular customers are and should always interact with them in a non-probing manner. The interaction should be short and general in nature.

Eagle Eyes: A good housekeeper will always have an eye that can detect even the smallest thing that’s out of place. This goes a long way in creating a service experience that matters.

Training: The housekeeping staff should be very well trained and groomed. They should look sharp by their body language and by their sense of dressing. This inspires confidence in the customers.

Take note of the above-mentioned points, this is what your housekeeping staff should be armed with if you are looking for creating those magical first impressions.Trust us, we know that in today’s world of competition retaining customers is really a serious business advantage. We hope that the blog post added some value to our readers. Please stay tuned for more such posts in the future. Our motive is to keep our visitors armed with the right set of information.

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