Role of Facility management team in green buildings

Role of Facility management team in green buildings

India is just opening up to the phenomenon of green buildings. This is something which is still developing in India. We really need to learn more about this great concept from the places where it is very much prevalent. We are into facilities management hence our task is limited to maintaining the properties and not actually building them, that’s why we are also gearing up in a big way to move ahead and learn things that would help in maintaining a green building.

The shift in approach toward building energy-use reductions has led to an expansion of FM teams’ traditional roles. The role and responsibilities of a facilities manager vary greatly by the organization, with a primary goal of maintaining buildings and providing safe and healthy environments. Because common job responsibilities range from general site maintenance and repair to managing sustainability committees, often the efforts for instituting energy use reductions falls on facility managers. As the duties of FM teams have developed, the expectations and capabilities to be knowledgeable in sustainability and efficient building practices has grown as well.

Although the green building certification systems are not proper in India as of now we might soon see a proper code coming in to picture soon. Till then it’s our responsibility as facility managers to learn all that we can from the international codes that are popular in use.

Each new building certification system comes with a higher expectation of knowledge, effort, and resources from FM teams to achieve specified goals. The sustainable and efficient building industry will continue to expand making it that much more important for FM teams to continue their education in these systems, what areas will likely affect their work, and what will be expected of them from building owners.

For sake of knowledge of our readers, we will also be mentioned the international standards that are in use today,

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is “a philosophy, certification, and advocacy tool for projects to move beyond merely being less bad and to become truly regenerative.[4]” The standard aims for buildings to be both net positive in their water and energy usage, as well as waste products and many other imperatives. Achieving these goals, such as net positive water use, would require FM teams to establish water collection, recycling, or on-site filtration policies and practices.

Well Building Standard
The WELL Building Standard (WELL) was launched in 2016 with the intent to enhance the human health, well-being, and comfort of building occupants. WELL does not directly address energy efficiency of buildings but focuses on air and water quality, lighting, thermal comfort, and safe cleaning practices. FM teams play a crucial role in implementing these strategies in order to achieve certification. For example, the WELL air quality credits require ongoing air quality monitoring and management for success.

All these standards really help the facility team to provide the best services for the green buildings.

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