Restroom Renovation: When & Why

If you consider a facility, from a facilities management companies point of view. Then the biggest source of complaint are the restrooms. It might look like a small thing, but facility managers really have to invest large amount of time in this small yet important part of the facility. The undying pressure of regular cleaning and monitoring of restrooms added with the cost control factors, make restrooms a big deal to handle. Now pressure is one thing which really tests the fiber.

Bowing down to pressure there is no option for a FM manager but to conduct more frequent cleanings, regular monitoring and installing untested equipment all to make things better. See clients satisfaction is the top most priority of any professional IFM company. Thats what defines our caliber,however managing cost to benefit ratios is also important here.

In all this pressure its pretty easy to lose sight of the larger picture. Installing new machines and equipment’s along with spending more time on one area of the facility might be the quick fix here but it completely ignores the holistic point of view. That is why not renovate the entire process and fix it for once and all.

Restrooms are also part of building, they too like other components of buildings have a serviceable life. In general a good quality restroom would last for 20 years, however that does not mean that it might not breakdown before that. There are many factors at play here. Age being just one of them. The frequency of usage and the kind of maintenance done in the past also has a significant impact. Rather than beating around the bush and investing time and money in maintaining a restroom, its always better to get it renovated as per the latest designs and equipment.

Are the restrooms too old?

A good facility manager will do some rain check before deciding on renovating the restroom. The first thing to be noticed is the age vs condition of the things. If the built quality is good then things with minor corrections can be managed. However if the floors are cracked or are of old mosaic type, then it would be wise to change it. That was just a small example, things like condition of toilet bowls, sinks, plumbing and faucets are also to be considered. Plumbing repairs can only be done to a certain extent after that replacement is the only option. Water heating equipment also needs to be checked, old water heaters are essentially less energy efficient and would require more costs to be maintained. If needed water heaters should be replaced too.

Visual Appearance

Old restrooms look dull, might also be poorly lit and stinky by default. If that is the case then replacing the lighting, mirrors and ventilation systems would give them a new lease of life. Flooring is one such thing which can really perk up a restroom. If the all these things are catered for then what we would have is a better managed restroom which would also be economical to maintain.Hence if the place needs some perking up then it has to be done.

Are Your Restrooms Handicap Friendly

This is perhaps one trend which would definitely not be present in the old restrooms. The reason being two or three decades back such things were not planned. However with growth in intellect, now making restrooms handicap friendly is catching up. This has also called for using hand less controls as a norm. Things like easy to reach toilets and urinals with auto functions are now more of a necessity than a luxury. These equipment also lessen the operational pressure on the facility management staff.

These are the things which every company and facility manager should always give a cool thought to.





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