On-site power generation: Things facility managers should be aware of!

On-site power generation: Things facility managers should be aware of!

A growing range of options for onsite power means facility managers should educate themselves about the best fit for their facilities.

Facility managers have a growing range of options and applications available to choose from. What’s more, new goals for onsite power and new utility programs make it important for facility managers to understand the types of onsite power equipment available, the benefits and drawbacks of each, and how each should be used. A close look at the choices can help facility managers determine which, if any, should be used to address a specific need. In India, almost every commercial property has its own power backup systems, they can vary from simple generators to the full-fledged hybrid clean power system. What needs to be done here is imparting the right training to facilities managers which would equip them with the relevant knowledge of handling such systems in the assigned property.

The primary goal of onsite power generation systems is to provide critical power support to systems in a building which is of vital importance, in case of hospitals its the life support systems and in every other scenario its the elevators and emergency systems and lightings that need to be taken care off. Although the new systems are smart enough to manage things by themselves, but still the facilities staff should be equipped to handle things manually also. The choice of onsite power systems are diverse now and it would be really wise to learn the basics of the system early on.

Backup power and prime power are very different applications and raise very different issues. We’ll start with traditional backup power, then review traditional prime power and explore newer technologies.

Backup power in India generally two layered. The first line consists of power inverters and UPS which start working immediately in case of a power failure and then the second line is firing the power generator. These two systems are very different and troubleshooting them needs a fair amount of knowledge which is operation critical and cannot be ignored.

Using diesel generators is strictly used for an emergency purpose which should ideally not last more than 15 minutes, running these generators for more than this time will never be a cost-effective option. Hence facility managers should implement other costs effective onsite power solutions in order to have a flawless working environment. Power is one such factor which can really be a costly affair if not utilized efficiently.

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