Noise pollution at Workplace

Noise pollution at Workplace

The productivity also depends on the environment of the office. Yes, the relation between the efforts made by the employees and the growth of the company is directly proportional. Just like this, the relationship between employees and their working environment is also directly proportional to each other.

So this is obvious that the workplace should provide a healthy environment for the employees.

There are many factors that affect the comfort level of the workplace:

  • Proper facility of lunch space
  • Proper ventilation of air
  • Proper inlet and outlet of Natural Light
  • Greenery
  • Positive environment.

All these factors are usually considered by the companies but there is one more essential factor that needs to be taken care of by the company that is level of noise pollution. According to many of the employees, there is a lack of quiet space in the meeting area due to which they can’t communicate properly. Secondly, the unwanted noise in the workplace is also not good for the health of the employees.

According to the report of Oxford Economics, the problem of noise pollution has been increased as of now as compared to three years ago because of which offices are not able to achieve the certain level of productivity.

Many of the employees take a walk or use headphones to avoid the distraction due to noise but it is not a long term solution so they are looking forward to having a workplace where the noise level is maintained so that they can focus on their work.

The noise pollution and distraction also leaves a negative impact on the health of an employee that directly impact the financial performance.

Some facts related to its impact on productivity

63% of the employees are not satisfied with the working environment because of the noise pollution. Only 40% of the higher executives understand the issue of noise and distraction at the workplace and out of which only 6 % take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.


The people from the age group of around 22 to 36 are more habitual to open office culture. They are one who identified this issue of noise pollution and its effects on productivity.

There is a slight difference between the opinions of the current freshers and the old employees and some of them are listed below:

  • Young generations are less satisfied with their office layout.
  • In their opinion, the issue of noise pollution and distraction in the workplace should be resolved.
  • Small breaks should be given after some intervals.

As an endnote its an established fact that noise pollution is a menace and has to be curbed. After all its the question of being productive.

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