New Procedures Adopted by FM in the Year 2019

Lots of transformation can be seen in the services that are delivered by facility managers. A workplace is a space that provides a suitable environment for the employees to learn and grow, here the role of a facility manager is to deliver the services that give a contribution to enhancing this environment.

Today the quality of the services can be analyzed from 2 parameters one is how well the services are capable to handle the customers and another one is employee experiences. There is a huge difference between the way of  services provided to the customer in the past few years and the services that are provided by the facility managers as per the current scenario.

Traditionally they offered for various workplaces such as malls, companies, etc now they provide a complete host of value-added facilities that are directed to improve service delivery and sense of community at the workplace. It also tries to improve productivity levels and collaborations.

Facility managers and other providers that offer this kind of services are continuously adapting the changes as per the current needs of today’s world to cope up with the increasing demands of the customer and to convert them into their potential customers. It also gives them a chance to gain stability in the market and hold their place in this competitive era.

With the rapid change in the business environment, they are also incorporating new and highly advanced tools and technologies that can attract users and save their time and money as well.

The working procedure by facility management in 2019 to implement the modifications as per the current requirements:

Data analytics
Data analytics is one of the important features for any of the businesses. It directly deals with energy savings, efficiency and sustainability. Data is an important asset that is very much valuable for understanding the scenario, for its analysis and business growth. Data helps them to determine the important drives of performance and the links that connect facilities and the people. Data tell the organization how they can streamline their core functionalities and operations while considering the other parameters in the mind such as energy conservation and workplace safety.

Role of AI
Artificial intelligence is giving the shape to it for transforming it into reality.AI can improve the level of services delivered to the customers . It can sense their need in a more better way and generate the desired output. The biggest advantage of adopting this highly advanced technology is that limits the expenditure required for maintenance and analysis.

You can outsource these services:
Most of the companies outsourced these kinds of services to make sure their customer will get what they want in the best possible manner. Facility managers are smart and experienced enough to take required strategic initiatives for improving customer satisfaction and it also focuses on employee satisfaction.

All the facility managers are also now understanding the importance of employee health and wellbeing so they try to develop a positive and comfortable and efficient working environment that can automatically lead to the better level of performance by increasing their satisfaction level.

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