Maximize Productivity - Minimize Cleaning Costs

Maximize Productivity – Minimize Cleaning Costs

A facility manager is always burdened by the fact that he has to maximize the productivity of the property under his management that too on the minimum spends. Here the essence is to check for the sources that are taking the maximum amount of time. Its a fact that up to 70% of IFM resources are dependent upon the time taken for a process to complete. Hence it’s obvious that managing operational time for the tasks is going to be crucial for maximizing productivity and minimizing cleaning costs. 

Here are the factors that can help streamline the entire process- 

#1 Planning for the day

Planning is everything. There is a famous saying if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. The best professional IFM companies and their facility managers would always have a written plan for themselves and for the teams. Having a proper schedule for the day or even for an entire month helps the team with better situational awareness. When people know what they need to do beforehand then they can manage things with utmost efficiency. 

#2 Operational Readiness 

Is your team ready to work at a drop of the hat? The team should be so well trained that there is minimal wastage of time during shift changes. Operational modalities like restocking inventories, filling bottles changing consumables should all be completely seamless. There should be no delay in the same. Also, the team should be mature enough to cut down on gossip time. Here personal organization would amount to better and enhanced productivity. 

#3 Equipments 

Since we are in the business of maintaining spaces, it should go without saying the IFM team should have their own equipment neat, tidy and well maintained. Also, the storage area for IFM should be flawlessly managed. There should be no wastage of time because of faulty equipment or lack of inventory. What’s the point if you take half an hour to seach for a bottle of toilet cleaner. 

#4 Training 

By training, we mean that the team should be completely familiar with the property. They should know which area falls where and how that area can be serviced in the least time possible. This is crucial as when the shift changes the new teammates manning the positions should be completely aware of the situation and how to handle job and task in hand to the maximum efficiency. 

#5 Keeping things clean

We are not speaking about the facility or the property here but the tools and products that an IFM team uses to conduct their business. A good FM manager would ensure that everything used for cleaning is very clean and well maintained. That’s how a good IFM company can keep costs under control and efficiency to the maximum. 

The above-mentioned points are not out of the blue and are in fact very common things which if implemented properly can really keep the operational costs to the minimum and boost the operational efficiencies to the maximum. Following these points will certainly keep things under control. 

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