Life of a Housekeeper

Life of a Housekeeper

Housekeeping is a  serious business, we know that for a fact. Everywhere you would find resources telling you technical details about housekeeping. The products, the technology, and the process. Seldom you would find anyone speaking about what goes in the life of a person who is bestowed with housekeeping duties. Today we are going to discuss things about the real heroes of housekeeping services.

Life of a person providing Housekeeping Services

Being a housekeeping professional means getting up early in the morning and leaving for your job. Yes, that’s a very true statement, almost every professional housekeeper we know of has to start his day early. See, housekeeping services are all about being there and getting things done before the people come over to use the facilities. This means a housekeeping services provider has to put in extra hours of work every day and every night to get the things done. Housekeepers pay special attention to detail by keeping service levels high, with the aim to exceed guest expectations.

By the time most of the guests are still relaxing in their rooms, the housekeepers attend the daily departmental meeting which is quite common with every housekeeping services provider where they share arrival timings, departure timings, guest preferences and special attention to those personal touches which help to make guests’ stay more comfortable. Most of the housekeepers that we know of working in hotel and hospitality segment have to service more than 240 rooms, on an average of 120 hours per day.  By the time the previous guest checks out from their room, they start working on preparing the room for the next guest. All this time keeping in mind guest preferences, for example; request for special pillows, extra towels or a baby cot will be done prior to check in.

Providing such housekeeping services is really tiresome and puts in stress on the teammates. But that’s ok because this is what we had signed for. Our work is to provide the guests and office occupants with an ambiance that always leaves them smiling.

They say its tough work, but somebody has to do it. That’s why we are here to take the onus of keeping things in the right perspective. At times, a housekeeper providing housekeeping services has to witness some really gross things. Especially in managing the duties of a hotel, guests are at times really dirty while they check-out. Guests leaving sanitary napkins and used condoms are general sights that we as housekeeping services providers have to deal with every day. Yet without a shed of anger, we keep doing our work. That’s what a typical day in the life of a housekeeper looks and feels like.  

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