Latest Facility Management Technologies

FMS industry is changing at a very fast speed and more & more technological trends are coming in the field. Below are some of the technological trends which will be used more often in coming time.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality – More &  more companies are looking to manage their core technologies like HVAC systems, fuel monitors, electrical power supply boards, etc.  IOT is making it possible that all these devices can communicate with each other without much human interaction. Augmented reality is also started t transform FMS. You can easily imagine the vast benefits of managing all these things without an instruction manual. Robots can be used for maintaining small mechanical devices and cleaning of such locations where a human approach is difficult and more costly.

AI & ML – Artificial intelligence is in the business for so long but now it has started to put an impact on facility sector as well. With so much different type of devices is in the field, it is very oblivious that machine learning should be the future of FMS industry.

With the help of AI, proper data analysis will help in asset management and auto-tagging. It will completely change the data management process in big large organisations.

Smarter Budgeting – With the increased usage of the mobile application incomplete work chain, the dependency of desktop & POC will further reduce. Apps will produce more effective data and in-depth onsite details which will make the decision-making process much smoother and faster.

Advanced Location Visualization – Asset management is one of the biggest time-consuming tasks, hence with the help of advance location visualization, FM can easily track the ongoing process on the actual site.  More smart & interactive maps will provide asset & furniture deploy in a virtual way, much before then their actual arrival.

Blockchain Technology – This will provides direct analytics into the different type of problems coming in the site location. Blockchain technology break the complete big process in small chunks and then filter the data as per user requirements and facilitate the issues resolution by saving time and resources.

Drones – Drones are becoming the next big thing in the facility management industry. Drones are improving the safety parameters while inspecting high rise areas and construction sites. It is easy to understand that a drone with a high-quality camera will provide you much faster and detailed information as compared to a normal human being.This is the reason why drones are becoming more & more popular especially in construction & automobile industry.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – This is not a new technology, but it is used by contractors and architects for so long. Now it has started to collaborate with facility maintenance software, it has become an integral part of FMS industry.  BIM is used to provide complete visualization of the building before the complete construction. This helps in understanding the delivery timelines & budget utilization. as well

BIM is helpful in proving vital information in floor plans, asset management information and financial estimates. With more technological advancement, BIM in FMS will only grow in the future.


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