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ITeS & Housekeeping

The information technology industry in India like anywhere else in the world is driven by human resources. For IT Companies human assets are of prime importance. Retaining them is the primary focus of the HR Department of such companies. Now coming to the point, let us explore what makes a great place to work and grow.

We all agree that after a certain period of time money is not the only factor that affects the loyalty of the employee. There are many things that a person requires which would keep him motivated enough to stay in a company. Now as the title of the blog post says we would be focusing on how housekeeping and facilities management companies are helping create a jovial work atmosphere for IT professionals.

Being into housekeeping and integrated facility management we know that for this sector it is not the money that drives them. For being productive they need atmosphere which promotes creative thinking and would also help beat stress. Here the role of a professional Facility management and housekeeping company just cannot be ignored. The place has to be sparkling clean, well lit and full of life and energy.

Also a rule of thumb we know that people working in IT companies are well polished and generally would have had some international work exposure. Hence providing them with a world-class housekeeping service is a must. The facility has to surpass the expectations of the people working in the office. Everything has to be perfect.

Let us start with the air quality in the office premises. IT professionals have to put in long hours of work inside the office. Hence the quality of the air has to be just perfect. It becomes the duty of the housekeeping staff to ensure that the insides of the office are dust free, dampness free and great smelling every hour. The facilities staff should also ensure that the HVAC is well maintained and is doing a good job in circulating the air.  Maintaining the office temperature at a cool 25-degree Celsius with fresh air coming which is odor-free and fresh. We know for sure that maintaining proper temperature is crucial for such working professionals. See our focus as professional housekeepers are always on creating an atmosphere where the mind can freely focus on work without getting distracted.

The toilets and the restrooms have to be royally clean. This is the part of the office which needs most of the care. The toilets have to be sparkling clean, bacteria free and odor free. A dirty toilet is really a big turnoff for the team. Apart from toilet due care has to be given to lighting of the office also. For the optimal work environment, the lighting should be perfect. It should neither be too harsh or too mild. It has to be just perfect. Its the housekeeping and the facility management team in place that really plays a vital role in all these areas of creating the perfect work environment. A good IFM company also has to take care of the food that is being served. Hungry souls cant achieve much in a day hence we have to ensure that the occupants of the office are well fed and the food and the pantry area are extremely clean and hygienic.

So that’s enough for the starters lets go in-depth into a typical Information technology company and what goes from a housekeeping and facility management point of view.

An atmosphere for growth :

As a professional housekeeping company, we are often instructed by the client that they need an atmosphere that would radiate growth. Now, that’s a very wide brief that a client provides us. Anyone would wonder how a housekeeping staff can create an atmosphere for growth. We will tell you exactly how! For answering this question we need to first understand what a conducive growth environment would be from the housekeeping point of view.  The primary and wider responsibilities here would be

  • Managing space
  • Maximising approachability and utility of the area
  • Keeping the area sanitized for use
  • Working on factors that would influence the mood and mindset of the occupants.

Managing Space

The design and the layout of the office space is something which is not in the hands of a housekeeping company. Even the layout of the fixtures is not in our control. We can only have a suggestive role here. However, it is the suggestions which are often ignored by the clients. Hence we have to manage what is in our hands. Owing to the nature of operations of an IT or Ites company the computer systems have to be fixed into one place with lots of discreet cabling running throughout the office space. Cleaning them maintaining them is one vital part of managing an IT infrastructure. Due care has to be taken as the equipment are sensitive and cabling cannot be disturbed. Also, we have to take care that no wet or harsh chemicals are used while managing the operational area of the company.

Then comes the management of open spaces and lounge areas. They are the places where the ambiance is of prime importance. Hence regular housekeeping operations with a high rate of repeatability have to be conducted here.

Maximising approachability and utility of the area

Our experience curve on dealing with IT companies tell us that its a high-pressure work environment. People when working on the projects are under high stress. Also, the nature of the work is such is that mental focus is tantamount to the success of projects. This puts an extra layer of responsibility on the housekeeping staff. We have to ensure that all the utility spaces are accessible. There are no wet or dirty floors in between. The utility spaces like toilets, pantry, and lounges are neat and clean. They smell good and are well lit. We have to ensure that all the approach paths to the utility areas are always clear and signages if any are up to date. Also, we ensure that there is always adequate manpower handling the area.

Keeping the area sanitized for use

It is a known fact that humans are more prone to falling ill when under stress. Stress does lots of things to a human body one of them is lowering of immunity. An IT company just cannot afford people falling sick and not reporting for work. As mentioned earlier IT is a human-driven knowledge-based industry. Humans are the only assets that matter here hence taking care of their health is tantamount. As housekeepers, we cannot reduce their work pressure but we can help create an atmosphere where even lower immunity and stress won’t be able to make them sick. Most of the diseases that a person can catch from office are either spread through the air or through touching dirty things and fixtures in the office. What if the office is so clean and sanitized that there are no germs to harm them. That’s what a housekeeper does. We as a housekeeping company ensure that every high-risk part of the office like toilets, pantry, and lounges are comparatively germ-free and dust free. For clean air, we ensure that the air conditioning is well maintained and there are separate smoking zones.

Working on factors that would influence the mood and mindset of the occupants.

Whenever there is work where mental focus is involved, then the mood of the person is a huge contributing factor. We as housekeepers cannot control what happens beyond the walls of the office or the way things are working for the employee on the professional end, but we can surely create an ambiance where a person would fall in love with the way office feels. We ensure that workstations are welcoming and litter free. The carpets smell and feel fresh. There is freshness in the air and lighting is such that it lifts the mood of the employee as soon as he enters the office. As an additional service, we can also suggest the color schemes of the office but that is something that is actually beyond the scope of housekeeping and falls under the purview of the facilities management team.

Additional responsibilities

Although this might surprise you IT companies are huge consumers of electricity. The servers and other computer systems are all high power consumption equipment. Add to it the additional cost of air conditioning that is needed to provide the optimal working temperatures. As housekeepers, we cannot suggest the company on changing the hardware however what we can do is manage the other power consuming elements like exhaust fans, pantry area equipment, and idle lighting and air conditioning. This way we help the IT companies in saving money also.

As an endnote, we would say that the housekeeping staff in an IT company has to work like a part of the company itself. We have to synergise with the core values of the company and thats the only way we can provide a superior service to them.

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