Innovation in FM services

Innovation in FM services

In today’s world, technical enhancement is acting a pillar for a modern society and when it comes to facility management then this advancement plays a very essential role in it.

Facility  Management Service providers have formed a separate industry of their own. They are actually giving a new definition to the buyer-supplier relationship.

The integrated facility management system help to strategies most of the services of an organization to achieve business goals.

The facility management services differ from company to company according to their requirements.

It can be managing plans, handling vendor contracts or dealing with emergency issues that require immediate actions.

Integrated facility management services also affect the revenue generation by providing a streamlined way to boost the performance with efficient utilization of time, resource and manpower.

Common Services Provided by Facility Manager:

  • Sustainability: IMF ensures to provide the social, environmental and economic approach for the benefit of the company while considering the fact of sustainability.
  • Save the time: The company outsourced the FM services to one provider, having a single point of contact that actually saves the time and helps to avoid micromanagement.
  • Maintain the value of human resources: FM service provider ensures to manage the consistency and output generated by an employee at a minimum cost.
  • Better Communication: By providing better communication it maintains the transparency.
  • Eliminate duplicate functions: the efficient working strategy of FM services eliminate the duplicity of functions.
  • More flexibility: It offers reliability, accountability, and flexibility at its best.
  • Technical Advancement: Technology is changing rapidly and this development influence productivity and ultimately the growth of the company. So there is a need to monitor the changes required in this domain.IMF shows a great impact on it by looking after the mandatory replacement of the hardware and software components which encourages automation and will directly ensure to deliver good quality product at a reasonable cost.
  • The automation reduces the manual efforts but on the other hand, it also requires a specific skill set to deal with it because it is the era of cutting-edge competition where everyone is competing to provide best services to their customers.
  • Commercialization: IFM majorly focuses on commercialization because advancement, innovation, and specialization make the product different from the crowd in the market that lead to the increment in its sales.
  • Effective utilization of resources: IFM utilizes the available resources of the company in the best possible manner and looks after the demand and cost required for the resources that are not currently available in the company.
  • Team Coordination: Its the basic responsibility of the facility management team to ensure smooth coordination among team members which is the most important factor that should be taken care of for creating a healthy environment in the workplace.

Corporate social responsibility-IFM team also responsible to plan CSR activities for the company.

Yes, it is providing so many facilities still it is necessary to keep a check on upcoming technologies that can help to improve the facility management services.

Following are the recent  innovations in facility management technology:

Usage of BIM for Facility Management

  • BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.BIM is an advanced tool which is used to create virtual models of building projects.
  • BIM gives the leverage to the owners and operators to analyze the visual model of the facility, before its actual construction.
  • The utilization of this kind of tools giving a new definition of facility management services. It becomes easier for facility providers to access the data and achieve more customer satisfaction.

Usage of IoT technology in facility management

  • IOT is the network of all those devices that can be accessed through the internet. It uses highly advanced sensors and actuators to analyze the data and enhance the efficiency of energy used for different tasks.
  • With the help of this advancement, facility managers are able to know the real-time information about temperature, climate, and surrounding of a building.
  • IoT also helps to achieve better communication between the users and the facility managers because it provides a virtual platform through which they can interact in a better way.
  • It is one of the keys used for smart buildings.

HVAC Technology

The HVAC controlling system is used for heating and cooling purpose with the help of dampers, fitted in the duct to redirect and adjust the air to particular areas.

This gives the facility to generate customized temperature for a definite zone which will automatically increase the efficiency and convenience.

Facility Management also provides services for variable refrigerant flow system with the motive to offer better efficiency with optimum utilization.

The HVAC technology has been widely used by facility services providers to deliver features such as efficient use of energy, installation ease, and control over temperature to their customers.

When it is used by facility managers then the customers will be, more satisfied because it can be a great solution for them to reduce the billing cost be efficiently utilizing the energy.

Automation in facility management services

Automation can be involved in facility management services through software. It reduces the manual efforts and offers more accuracy.

One of the major advantages of automated facility software is that it saves the time because there is no need to give instruction to the machine every time. Instead of this, the machine is smart enough to take the decisions on the basis of the current surrounding.

It can be used by facility providers to manage the work in a more effective and streamlined way.

FM services are aiming for business development by expanding the workforce and increasing employability and technological development in it can definitely do the wonders future.

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