Indian Railways & Covid-19

Indian Railways & Covid-19

One of the most prestigious clients we ever served is the Indian Railways. We have time and again appreciated the way these people work and conduct their operations. After all, we were once a part of it. It’s a known fact that presently railways are the travel lifeline of the common Indian. This is what makes it crucial for the railways and their existing IFM partners to put in some extra efforts.  

Coronavirus is being feared all over the world. So far more than 4 thousand people have died due to this virus all over the world. When this article was written more than 100 cases were reported in India. People are being advised to avoid going to a crowded place to avoid the virus. There is every possibility of the spread of corona infection even while traveling in the railways because there is a huge crowd of passengers together in trains.  

Railways are putting up posters in railway stations and trains to spread awareness about coronavirus. In this, information is being given about what to do and what not to do. Railways are giving instructions on ways to avoid the virus. These posters have been published in Hindi, English and other regional languages. These are being posted at different stations across the country.

These posters have told us that awareness is the most effective way to avoid getting caught by this disease. People suffering from this virus usually show initial symptoms like cough, cold, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, fever. In such a situation, the Railways has advised people to avoid contact with people suffering from cough and cold. Also, wash hands constantly with an alcohol-based sanitizer and take special care of cleanliness around you. 

Keep distance from other passengers during the journey.

Apart from this, there are telephone helplines and control rooms that have been arranged in all the railway hospitals for the passengers. Please be aware that till now no vaccine has been developed to avoid the coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization, the coronavirus has just started to spread and this virus will prove to be more deadly in the coming times. The director of the WHO has advised smaller and less developed countries to be more vigilant.

Coronavirus in India: Indian Railways is trying its best to tackle the Corona COVID 19 contamination from expanding! Here, we would explore a portion of the significant efforts done by Indian Railways towards the counteraction of lethal COVID 19 infection: 

To make mindfulness among people in general, Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) banners and flyers with respect to COVID 19 are being shown in neighborhood dialects at railroad stations and in trains. They are additionally being conveyed to patients visiting medical clinics just as in Railway settlements. Likewise, open declarations are being made and sound/video cuts are being played at railroad stations.

Those who show the slightest of symptoms will be isolated and will be quarantined in Indian Railways emergency clinics.

An estimated 1,100 beds have been arranged in the Railway medical clinics to accommodate patients with the coronavirus symptoms, treating alleged COVID 19 cases with the accessibility of protective gear. Likewise, 12,483 beds have been arranged by Indian Railways to isolate suspected patients at different areas, the nation over.

The medical staff will have to report for any of the suspected people showing the slightest of the symptoms to the Railway emergency clinics.

The railway staff has been asked not to use the biometrics for reporting to work.

Climbing the bus or train takes different hands on the same handle continuously and then it is with these hands that food or other things are touched. Due to which there is a risk of infection. 

Large scale disinfection will be possible in trains, buses, bus stands, railway stations, hospitals, schools or any kind of institute. Usually, the floor is cleaned in such areas but it is not possible to clean the handle or any part of the top. But this will also be possible with CSIR’s spray machine.

The new machine will be able to spray properly at every level and the disinfection material wi used will be only 10 to 20 percent. The smaller area of ​​the drop covers the larger area. The technique of electrostatic spraying has been transferred which is being used in industry and social applications and now it has been brought in an innovative way.

Further, the Indian Railways has instructed the passengers to carry their own bedroll, as they currently don’t have the capacities to ensure the sanitization of the same. A very bold step indeed. 

Railways are doing their part in stopping the spread of this infection right in the tracks, let’s hope that their efforts bear positive fruits and we do get things under control soon.

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