Incubating Sustainability Initiatives With Strategy

Sustainability is defined as a continual procedure that would keep on implementing processes and take initiatives in the sectors of economic, environmental and social developments simultaneously. Sustainable procedures aim at not causing any kind of dis-balance or affect the interrelated processes negatively due to one another.

Sustainable development occurs through a string of interdependent operations, which are extremely crucial in terms of performance and the efficient management of which is bound to augment the sustainable development. Often, in the midst of micro-maintenance of operations, the bigger goal of sustainable initiatives is gradually becoming extinct.

Role of facility management professionals in implementing sustainable initiatives :

Facility managers or facility management professionals are the ones who are responsible for supervising and undertaking different actions that would provide the ideal course for the organizations. The organizations would definitely want to merge their developmental operations with sustainable procedures and this can be efficiently done by facility managers.

Efficient facility managers see to the fact that the financial stability of the organization is maintained and economic growth is predicted on the charts, while simultaneously operating sustainable strategies and providing satisfaction to the customers. Facility management professionals integrate all these processes so that they occur harmoniously and the effect is also beneficial.

But the trysts of implementing such integrate sustainable procedures are preceded by top-level strategists. This should be done by the entire organization in order to identify their primary requirements and their desired results. These should be the driving force and motivation behind sustainable initiatives.

Importance of sustainable initiatives from strategic standpoints :

A strategic approach is something that is required to carefully implement sustainable initiatives. According to the data provided by the US, it has been proved that federal updates and building certifications proved to be the key strategies behind the sustainable development initiatives that followed thereafter. According to specific mandates, the federal facilities corroborated various performance measurement processes in order to meet their specific objectives. The original intent of the mandate was to lead by example. It wanted to exhibit that sustainable initiatives could be successfully executed with strategic planning. Environmental impacts could also be minimized and building energy conservation and management could be done properly following this mandate.

The Indian perspective of amalgamating strategies with sustainable initiatives:

As of now, it is unclear as to how these things could be operational in India. Keeping India as the perspective, it is impossible to predict how sustainable initiatives could gain a head start with strategic planning. But taking the example of the US and the Federal mandates, all we can be is hopeful that this kind of strategy can actually foster sustainable development in various fronts; be it environmental, economic or social.

Though it can be unarguably proclaimed that the progress towards sustainable development has been extremely slow from the Indian point of view. Thus stems the need for more concrete guidance that will permit Indian indigenous businesses to act strategically and gain success, but not without sustainability. Sustainability would remain at the core of all organizational functions.

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