Importance of Fire Detection Intelligence Systems

Fire can cause havoc for a commercial setup. Preventing fire is really a profitable idea. Investing in fire prevention systems can save a company millions of rupees. India is now picking up to the fact that having good fire intelligence systems in place is a must for protecting its assets and employees. So, what makes a perfect fire detection system. Here are the 5 aspects which one must consider while finalizing on a fire detection system for their building.

It should detect a fire early

The fire detection system you are planning to get installed in your building should be able to detect fire when it’s small and controllable. This is really important when in present times at least once in a week the entire office building remains unattended and empty. That’s when a good fire detection system comes in handy the most.

It should Pin-Point The Location of The Fire

Another desired feature in a good modern fire prevention system is its’s ability to pinpoint the location of the fire. Earlier versions of fire alarm systems were on a single circuit, and it was difficult to find the origin of the fire. This issue is eliminated with the use of modern fire alarm/fire prevention systems. This is a boon for the firefighters as they can know exactly where the fire has started and moved on to work much more efficiently. These types of systems also save a lot of water in the sprinkler systems.

It Should Be Customizable

A good fire detection intelligence system should highly customizable. Today’s alarms can be programmed to change their sensitivity according to factors such as the time of day. This works particularly well with businesses that have repair shops and manufacturing areas which produce a dirty atmosphere during the workday, but as the air clears at night, the sensitivity of a detector can be increased. These systems should also have the ability to be integrated with BIM. This would give them the power to shut down fire enhancing systems as soon as the fire is detected.

It Should Be Affordable

The system should be cost-effective and be in the budgetary limitations of the company. Be sure not to sacrifice the functionality over the cost. The most modern fire detection systems might cost a little more, but the utility they serve will always outwit the benefits it would provide. Also, the entire system should be upgradable. It should also have a typical service life of at least 15-20 years.

Having a good fire prevention detection system can really prove to be a boon for an office building or for that matter any building. Fire causes total loss if not controlled on time. Plus it may cause the irreproachable loss of life. All that is really not good for business. Hence it is really wise to select the best fire detection intelligence for your premises. Anothor noticeable point is that the companies which have a good system in place often pay less in insurance premiums. Just think about it.

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