Importance of Facility Management in Public Offices

Facility management refers to the profession encompassing multiple disciplines and thereby integrating people, places, processes within a built environment with the purpose of ensuring safety, comfort, functionality and operational efficiency of the constituent and core elements alike. Facility management is associated with the following few sectors no matter in whichever industry it is operating.

  • Occupancy and human factors
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Sustainability and environmental stewardship
  • Facility information and technology management
  • Risk management, emergency preparedness, and business continuity
  • Communication
  • Performance and quality
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Real estate
  • Project management
  • Finances and business
  • Hospitality management

Office :
The most common term associated with any form of work is, unarguably, “office”. Any industry or organization of any type is bound to have a workplace or any property that houses the workstation. A fraction or the entirety of the population of employees of that particular organization might be engaged there.

As a result, a public office is a place which integrates an array of facilities. They might be provided from the end of the office to the customers associated with the products or services that the organization delivers or might be infused with the various operations of the office. It might also happen that the facilities are there to improve the workplace life and culture for the employees.

A public office may span a variety of areas where facility management can find its footing. Facility management services would mandatorily improve the functionality of those areas and hence boost the productivity of the organization as a whole, thus deliberating it towards financial soundness. A few sample areas where public office functions can be enhanced by infusing facility management services have been enumerated below.

A public office provides the occupancy to a number of the workforce of the organization. The employees are stationed at an office. It functions as an established environment for holding the staff for most of the day while they perform their duties. Therefore facilities are important to provide in order to warrant the safety and comfort of the employees. Facility management services thus become an indispensable part of a public office environment.

A public office might also house light equipment and accessories that the operatives are expected to handle. From light machine units that would ease the operation process to sophisticated machinery meant for specific functions, an office space may house any of these that would make the life of the staff easier. Consequently it is essential for the employees to know the proper usage and handling of relevant technology.

Hence Facility management becomes a critical component in the seamless functioning of a public office. Facility management services become very important to maintain the proper condition of such technology in order to ensure the smooth operation of the processes at office.

Communication :
An organization has three major units. An online presence of the business is a must to pitch the business idea across prospective customers. Along with it should exist another unit that delivers the concerned services or manufacturers the relevant products. The third unit is an office.

The office maintains the communication between the end users of the concerned product or services with the organization itself. It also serves as a bridge between the fabricating units and the digital unit. Hence facility management becomes indispensable for maintaining the highest levels of communication. Proper facilities enhance the quality of the transmission of relevant information to the users.

Environmental services :
Facility management improves the environmental impact in an office. Every workplace is prone to creating environmental impacts. A neat facility management team would strive to minimise the negative environmental impacts and take responsible actions that impede the decadence of the environment.

Storage and warehousing :
A public office might serve as temporary storage and warehousing unit. Storing and warehousing options are associated with the presence of proper facilities that need to be managed to ensure seamless operation of a variety of organization functions.

Property management :
Public office is a workplace which demands a fully equipped property with all the relevant amenities that guarantee safety, comfort, operational and functional efficiency of the constituent elements. Facility management is essential to warrant the safekeeping of a property and the well oiled running of all its attachments. Investment in facilities enhances the functionality to their maximum potency. A well-maintained property will minimize additional costs and thus continue the financial soundness of the organisation.

Facility management operations can be either Greenfield or Brownfield.
Greenfield services refer to the conception and subsequent function of facilities for a particular project. They are involved with the building of the entire facilities network from scratch. Whereas Brownfield services refer to the continuation and probable maintenance of already existing facilities.

Taking all the above factors into consideration, it proves that the presence of facility management is a high priority for a public office.

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