Importance of Critical Incidence Notification Systems

Importance of Critical Incidence Notification Systems

Critical incidents notification systems are very important in the current scenario. World over the facility management companies, especially the ones which are really professional is giving due importance to management and installation of critical incidents notification systems. If we speak about India, still people are not paying attention to the importance of the systems.

What is a critical incident notification system?

The critical incidents notification system is nothing new. However, it has gained a lot of popularity after the Australian government laid special emphasis on them. Basically, these systems array of sensors and tools which can provide prompt information to the stakeholders in a critical event like a fire, theft, and a terrorist attack. Actually, this phenomenon gained global precedence after the terror attacks in Australia and many other developed Nations where more lives could have been saved if only the entire staff of the Attack location was aware of such critical incidents happening at their facility on time.

What happens right now is that if your building or public facility that does not have a critical incident notification system comes under attack or threat, then notifying the security agencies and other workers at the facility is at the mercy of God. There is no system that can automatically detect and pass on the information to all the members responsible for managing the facility at the same time. This leads to a time lag between the information being spread and some counteraction taken against such threat.

The critical incident notification system is a system that has surveillance cameras, fire detectors, gunshot detectors, motion control sensors, face recognition systems, access control systems, and many other tools that work in tandem for making a facility more secure.

Do we need such systems in India?

When we compare the number of attacks or should we say terror attacks that have taken place in India to those of the Western countries, we are sure everyone would be surprised. India at least faces three times more such attacks than any other country in the world. Therefore for us having critical incidents, notification systems become even more important. Just imagine as soon as such kind of attack takes place a notification going to the security agencies and every person in the building becoming aware of the situation, then the amount of life lost and property damage would be very less. 

These systems would also act as a preventive measure and deterrent to any future attacks. Therefore in our humble opinion as a professional Integrated Facilities Management Company, we would suggest each and every client offers to get critical incidents notification system installed in their building. This will boost up the security of the building, and in case of any such terror attacks, the amount of damage will be much less. Needless to say that such measures are profitable in the long run and boost the sense of security for the office dwellers. To summarise the article, we would just mention that yes, we do need highly efficient critical incidence notification systems in India.

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