Impact of Natural Light at Workplace

Impact of Natural Light at Workplace

Most of the time of employees are spent at workplaces so this is obvious that the surrounding will have either a positive or negative impact on their health and well being.

Positive vibes from the environment are very essential to stay safe organized and healthy.

Right workplace increases the life expectancy and works potential of an employee which tends to efficient working process and increased productivity.

There are several parameters which need to be considered to maintain the positive environment at the workplace.

One of the important factors is proper lightning which is most of the time neglected by the employees. Normally everyone knows that a sufficient amount of light should be present when someone is reading anything because it can be harmful to them to read in the dark can result in an adverse effect on their eyes.

Lightning should be maintained with respect to the employer’s need that can be helpful for their eyesight.

Proper arrangement of light will reduce the complaint about the dissatisfaction of employees.

There can two ways of managing the light supply at the workplace

1.Natural Light

2.Artificial Light

Why you should avoid artificial lightning?

When light is insufficient it can be the reason behind eye strain and headache problem because it forced the pupil to work much harder to see something.

Health issues will affect the concentration of an employee.

Another type of inappropriate lightning is harsh lightning that can distract the employees.

Majorly fluorescent lights that are used at the workplace can cause the serious problem of a migraine.

The alternative of Artificial Light is Natural Light, it eliminates all the drawbacks of artificial light. Smart building is not only made by smart devices but it also uses natural resources efficiently.

One of them is natural light. The infrastructure of your office building should be designed in such a way that there is a proper arrangement for incoming and outgoing of sun rays.

It is seen that the employees who have their desk near a window are happier have less stress as compared to others.

It has also proven by one of the research that natural light is able to avoid some disorders including SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Proper availability of light can increase the performance of an employee.

Some interesting facts about natural light are:

15% of employees at the workplace those who are surrounded by greenery and sunlight are more innovative and creative.

Daylight helps to maintain the required amount of vitamin D in humans.

Why Daylight is necessary at the workplace?

It helps to reduce mental stress.

Its efficient use can reduce the usage of energy.

How it affects productivity?

Natural light is the best substitute for artificial light. It can help to reduce the cost expenditure of lightning.


Harsh lighting and dim lightning both can be harmful to an employee so proper lightning should be maintained at the workplace. Natural light plays an important role to increase the performance of an employee.

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