Impact Of Cost Cutting on Cleaning Services

Impact Of Cost Cutting on Cleaning Services

When the times are rough for a business, then cost-cutting is something which just cannot be avoided. However, one thing that must be kept in mind by the business concerns is that where or for which department that cost-cutting is being put in place. Unless a deep thought is given to it no business sense could be made out of it.  

Cleaning services is the elemental requirement of any office. Can you expect your team to perform in dingy and dirty places? Or would you expect to leave a lasting impression on your clients when they are greeting with a dirty office? Imagine this, you walk into an office and there is dust cladding over the furniture. What would you make out of such a place?

Those are lots of questions arent they?. The answer to them is only one – You just cannot ignore cleaning services no matter how bad the shape of the business is. 

Negative Impacts of cutting cleaning budgets!

When cost-cutting or budget cuts are done for cleaning services, many negative notes are observed. It is just bad for the overall well being of the workforce. Here are some pointers on the same.

#1 Cleaning Products: One of the major cost apart from labour for cleaning services is the cost of cleaning products. When the budgets are optimum a professional cleaning service will always go for the best of the best nature-friendly cleaning agents. These agents although expensive are very efficient and kind on the property. However, when the budgets are cut the major impact is felt on the purchase of the cleaning agents. The cleaning agency is forced to purchase cheaper cleaning agents. These products are cheap because they are inferior in cleaning properties. Use your wisdom, you would know what kind of negative impact it would have on your overall office cleaning objectives. 

#2 Cleaning Efficiency: When the cleaning budgets are cut, then there is also an impact on the labour cost. A professional cleaning agency would not compromise on the salary of its staff, what it would do is reduce the number of people deployed at your property and reduce the number of hours that they work. They are also running a business afterall. They are also expected to deliver a decent service under the new lower budget. It’s natural when the staff is reduced and the numbers of hour they work are shredded, then the cleaning efficiency will also take a downfall. This is something that is holistically detrimental to your overall cleaning objectives. 

#3. Unhealthy Workplace: Needless to say that budget cuts for cleaning services lead to less efficient cleaning. The number of manhours dedicated to this service is reduced and so is the quality of cleaning agents. Gradually your office would become pathogen laden. You would soon observe people taking more sick leaves. That is something which is really bad for your office and your business. Think About It! 

#4 Demotovation & Decline in profits: Dirty office is really demotivating. It’s demotivating for your clients and your team. Imagine your executive being ashamed of calling a client to the office just because it’s not properly clean. Eventually, you would start losing business and employees.

What Should Companies Do? 

Companies should realize that cost-cutting does not mean cutting the basic lifeline of your business operations. Before imposing a cost-cutting for cleaning services it would be wise to discuss it out with the service provider. This will help the cleaning agency provide you with a proper solution. 

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