IFM Services - The Health & Safety Scene In India

IFM Services – The Health & Safety Scene In India

In any industrial setup, be it in India or Abroad health & safety are two vital parameters which just cannot be ignored. It is actually very important to have the proper safety and health guidelines and measures in an industrial unit. The work environment is such that avoiding accidents is the best that one can do. The unhealthy or unsafe team is all about losing. If your workers don’t feel safe while working in the factory then they would always be conscious about it resulting in hampered productivity. 

The three most common causes of fatal injuries continue to be workers falling from height (40), being struck by a moving vehicle (30) and being struck by a moving object (16), accounting for nearly 60 percent of fatal injuries in 2018/19.

Source: FacilitateMagzine For USA Markets 

The above mentioned highlighted fact is for the USA, just imagine when having some of the best IFM security measures in place still yields so many accidents what would be the situation in India be. We are sure things would not be better than any other Industrial country. Here the role of a professional IFM company is one that cannot be ignored or overemphasized. 

How Can An IFM Company Improve The Industrial Health & Safety? 

The role of an IFM company goes beyond regular maintenance and housekeeping in an industrial setting. There are so many things that a good and professional IFM company can do to improve the health and safety of a factory or production concern. 

Assessment of Risk 

IFM Managers are the first and perhaps the final line of defense when it comes to assessing the health and safety risk in a manufacturing concern or a factory. They have to ensure that QHSE policy is adhered to. They are the ones who would ensure that every safety and health measure is in place and is being utilized the way it should be. 

The Building Angle

An IFM manager can also advise the management on improvements in building architecture and layout so that it becomes safer and compliant to the nature of the work being conducted. IFM people can also audit the fire safety and equipment of the building and suggest improvements that would help the entire building become more secure. 

Safety Compliance 

Every commercial workspace has a safety compliance document which they must follow. However, at times there is a lack of manpower and technical knowhow on the same. Hence lapses do happen which can be fatal at times. A good and professional IFM company can take care of entire health and safety compliance on behalf of the company. They can also ensure that no rule is violated and every system is followed. 

Safety Training 

One of the roles of the IFM team in an industrial setup is to provide the workforce with safety training. In case of emergency, the workforce should not be taken by surprise but should be completely ready to deal with the situation. Fire Safety training, basic first -aid and other safety training should be provided to every worker in the factory. This is something that a professional IFM company can do without batting an eyelid.

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