IFM Business In India At A Glance : 2019

India as a nation is on the brink of reaping the major harvests out of a demographic dividend that it is experiencing. The economists and experts have predicted that this portal is available to the nation till 2040; in which a boom in the national economy occurs due to a shift in the age structure of the nation’s population; mainly an increase in the working age population.

Developing India is in the need of companies which are experts in optimizing the space, managing and integrating facilities effectively and minimizing the expenditures. Integrated facility management services are the most suitable thing that has an effective impact on the infrastructure as well as the people using them. Companies in India are in the need of cost effective solutions for services like housekeeping, catering, security, fire security, air conditioning and similar amenities. Surveys show that integrated facility management is the new business evolving in India with innovation and differentiation being the key factor in the proliferation of the FM industry.

Single Versus Integrated Facility Services:

Employing a single facility service provider means that parts of the business are outsourced to different entities, like a catering service provider, a security service provider or any other single service provider. It has been realized that in order to strengthen the focus on the core business and grow competitive advantages over others, outsourcing non-core activities are bound to bring in cost efficient benefits. Using a specialized service provider allows for the organisation to focus on its core business while the service provider concentrates on the non-core activities and other amenities it is an expert at. Employing experts who conduct the services with higher efficiencies and better quality also rids the employees of worries and helps them shift their focus on the business and save resources on non-core activities.

Working with multiple service providers, though, will lead to the time consuming task of managing a multitude of sub-suppliers, integrating them properly and even deal with the individual as well as the cumulative risks involved.

An integrated facility service provider, being the most important outsourcing partner of a business, takes care of all the supporting service functions. The integrated facility service provider manages all service deliveries, administration, training, operational management, integration, innovation and provides strategic support to the client organization. Working with Integrated Facility Services solutions can give rise to economic benefits and cost-efficiencies, due to multitasking of employees, integration of back-office functions, volume discounts, training volumes, and various other stuff.

Objectives :

Integrated facility management services is a financial management information system built on IT tools and is aimed at creating a sustainable environment. Its primary objectives are :

Maintain proper functioning of work environment by integrating technology and process.
Helps to optimize the working procedures, assets, and employees to make it easier to achieve objective and goals of the organization.

FM has a broad prospectus; it facilitates logically customized services with the assurance of punctuality, professionalism, improved efficiency, productivity, and multiple activities and discipline.
FM focuses and ensures positive growth and results through improved technology, strategic planning, and effective management system.

Office and organizational spaces need some good care to maintain professional vibes. Starting from the cleaning services, transportation services, utility services, guest management, housekeeping, etc. FMS or Facility Management is a cost-optimized and efficient solution to complete infrastructure maintenance and support.
Integrated Facility Management Services helps the organization and the company to achieve its objectives and makes sure that the employees and pillars of the organization stay focused on their core business while the FMS takes care of the secondary and non-core business activities.

Need For Integrated Facility Management Services In India :

Like stated previously, India is on the verge of experiencing its demographic dividend. This means that the Indian market is already witnessing an unprecedented growth in the commercial as well as residential sector, as a result of which developments like government sponsored projects to entrepreneurship to startups have become increasingly prominent. Integrated facility management services or IFMS acts as a lubricant to the entire process, aiding the businesses to achieve their objective, improve productivity, efficiency and morale as also boosting their performance by saving cost, time, energy and resources and thus making them realize net economic bottom line.

Among these rapidly evolving businesses and services, the trend of facility management systems becoming indispensable has been markedly increasing in residential as well as commercial sectors.

The crucial factors that have led to IFMS growth in India are :

  1. The growth of the market in hospitality, healthcare, industrial developments, retailing business, and other global industries in India.
  2. The changes in the policies that impact the economy as well as introduction of new policies.
  3. Increased trend of facility management outsourcing.

Prospect of IFMS in India :

IFMS has made it easier and effortless for the companies and organisations to outsource their entire domain of facility management services that include cleaning services, property services, management services, data collection and reporting, energy evaluation, catering services, support services and the like. Though different organisations and businesses have different needs, IFMS is well suited to cater to a spectrum of requirements for these organisations.

Business development : Companies, while growing, face a lot of challenges in their development cycle and hence Integrated Facility Management services are of utmost importance to the organisations to help meet their business goals and objectives.

Workforce : Lack of technicians and skilled workforce is a big challenge for the industry. IFMS has a positive effect here by increasing employability, making necessary changes in facilities and providing cost effective management services. Integrated facility management comes in a complete package for all the business by providing both soft and hard facility management services. This enables the organisations to synchronise their performances with the facility services.

Technology : Integrated facility management systems make the use of technology to track and handle management systems, analysing potential improvement, updating workers with the time and schedule and ensuring that businesses run in a smooth fashion.

Sustainable environment : Energy conservation is helping India to rebuild its infrastructure and economy. IFMS helps to manage energy effectively including effective supply, building design, preventing wastage, providing maintenance and management.

Smart systems : IOT and machine learning are strengthening the core of the businesses, and thus IFMS is using the available technologies to help businesses be user friendly and efficiently integrate back office functions.
Business development and support services

Sanitation and Pest Care Program:
IT automated maintenance management system program
Smart Cleaning and Care programs
Periodic diagnosis services and root cause analysis appeal
High productivity and inclusive annual maintenance
High returns in the future

The Growth Of Integrated Facility Management Business In India :

  • The IFM business in India is predicted to rise to great heights. It is user-friendly and committed to providing safety, security, comfort and professional maintenance of business assets for the Indian market.
  • Surveys show that sectors like healthcare, retailing and infrastructure are helping to propel the facility management market to a great extent and hence the Indian integrated facility management market which is by and large dependent on its global peers, is expanding too.
  • Housekeeping and cleaning services have had a good run as facility management services along with maintenance and engineering services. The market for hard service is enjoying a good growth in the IT sector and hence IFMS is establishing its stronghold in the Indian market.
  • IFMS service providers take responsibility for the maintenance of smooth operation of the infrastructure. It contributes in building an environment that is suitable for smooth working, understanding business values by improving services, productivity and efficiency and reducing additional costs.

Thus the Indian IFM business is on the verge of achieving huge economic growth by providing amenities that cater to different organisational requirements as also proving worthy of being integrated in the core functions of the organisation by delivering knowhow, technology, safety and security and thereby building a sustainable work environment.

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