How Technology is Changing the Way Facilities are Being Managed in India?

At one point, computer-aided design and geographic information system were the leading & innovatory tolls & technologies in the field of technology management.  Later on, with the invention of new tools, FMS is enjoying better & more sophisticated technologies to manage the work. Here we will discuss some of the most in-demand technologies and which are changing the way in which facilities are being managed India.

BIM for Facility Management – This is one of the latest tools which the Indian companies have started to use in facility management services.  This tool is widely used by the building developers, contractors, and architects to build up and scale virtual models of building projects. This tool helps building owners and operators an absolute diagram of their facility before the construction. BIM technology enables companies to visualize the precise mechanism of a space, which includes structural essentials like walls and windows as well as resource locations.

While BIM is not a new technology in the advanced countries, it is just starting to become more popular & accessible in Indian facility management. Initially, it was designed to help building architects and civil contractors in the design work and construction planning of new buildings,

Facility service providers have realized the importance of such tools and the power data accessibility for better management. BIM has evolved to contain the enhancement of preservation plans and proper space utilization. This tools when incorporated with existing FM software, facility teams can work in a more focused and data-driven way by retrieving O&M manuals, complete floor plans, and resource information. This leads to taking proper decisions regarding better space usage, complete energy consumption, and building redesigns.

While this software has just started to become popular in India, companies are recognizing the impact of this tool to improve collaboration and communication between different teams.

Advanced HVAC Technology – HVAC systems is quite an expensive system which is used for big size cooling and heating. With the advancement of technology and the requirements of green & clean energy also making sounds, it is always a better option to use the HVAC technologies in a more advanced way. It will not only helpful in reducing the overall cost of the heating and cooling of the facility, but it will also help in less carbon emission and harmful gases.

With the advanced technology in HVAC systems, they have become more efficient and thus helpful in total cost reductions. These advanced systems are helpful in identifying improper systems in the FMS cycle and also provide ample times to FMS maintenance teams to resolve the issue in a proper time frame to avoid any problem before they become more severe.

The future of these systems will be able to auto-create specific task and work order on the basis of their data analysis. These works will be assigned to specific workers who will be responsible to carry ou that specific task.

Machine Learning Management Systems –  This technology is the most sought-after technology which helps the building systems to automatically collect and analyze different type of data. This data analysis then predicts the end results from artificial intelligence.

Machine learning allows FMS teams to implement intelligent resource management and helpful in creating a well defined & proactive approach for better utilization of the asset.

Automated Facility Maintenance Software – Before the automated process, a majority of the FMS managers time were spent in most irrelevant things like creating excel sheets, managing inventory or creating blueprints about the facilities.  Undocumented information bundle leads to more complex situations because everyone can interpret every situation in a very different way. This can lead to a poor management and underutilization of resources and expensive repairing work.

Automation of the process makes the things quite easy to manage and it will be the success formula in Indian building mainline industry. These systems will automatically assign a specific task to a certain employee and also provide him with the certain assets which he or she might use while carrying out the task.

Wearable Technology – With the rise of wearable technology In Indian FMS industry, FMs can use  wearable technologies to restrict and allow access to parts of their building to certain users depending on the nature of the work and the current accessibility of those devices. Fitbit And smartwatches are the prime examples of popular wearable technologies

These wearable technologies had helped the security staff of FMS in managing the authorize entries in the building area and the data analysis of those users to identify any unwanted entry. This also helps FMS teams to analyze different work patterns, space utilization, and resource allocation. If the watch is used in any metro station, the sensor will automatically tell the total number of expected travelers at a certain time. So if they need more resource at that particular place, they can easily send more staff to run the process in a smoother way.

But with the technology, you also need to analyze what type of tools and technology can be used at your facility because one size cannot be fit for all. Every business has different requirements and before implementing this process in your business, you should some sort of a/b. There’s no use beneficial for the country.

Drones in Facility Management – Drones are the most sophisticated tools used in FMS for a long time. It has put an immense effect on the FMS increased its efficiency much folds. The biggest advantage of drones is that it can provide that views and access which no other machine can give. It has also reduced the risk factor of a human being to a great level.

Like for the rooftop inspections in high rise buildings can easily be done by with the help of a drone. They can provide different views, pictures and angles to create a complete report. FMS can take certain steps on the basis of those reports.

So these are the latest technological tools and trends which are widely used by Indian FMS companies to provide high-quality services to their clients.

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