How technology is changing restroom maintenance?

How technology is changing restroom maintenance?

Restroom cleaning is becoming increasingly important as a matter of workplace skirmish and occupant satisfaction in all types of facilities. Facility management practices consistently execute an essential part in managing workplace cleanliness, overcoming presenteeism, and improving employee commitment. Technology is playing an frequently larger role in the workplace as well as other facility conditions, something which now is also available in facility cleaning and, specifically, restroom maintenance. In this area, there are smart hygiene solutions and data-driven purification that provide facility managers with the opportunity to track stock levels in restroom dispensers, the frequency of staff maintenance, and other parameters.

Facility managers are now looking for more and more automation and shunning the manual process. They can consider technology tools that help with restroom tasks include managing inventory costs and maintaining clean and hygienic facilities while efficiently managing the cleaning staff’s time, they also have to cater to the fact that the clients are now becoming more environmentally conscious. Hence the battle here is to create a synergy between saving time and money while giving a world class service.

The solution to such problems only exists in creating a tech-enabled solution, which we would be discussing in our blog post today.

One of the most commonly used technology tools for restroom management is Facility management software, it is data-driven and helps minimize the static rounds that the facility staff has to make checking the restroom for cleanliness and stocks. In this scenario, real-time data from connected restroom devices (e.g., a soap dispenser) is displayed in an easy-to-use digitized cleaning plan application, directing cleaning teams when and where they are needed most.

IoT enabled devices are actually changing the way restrooms are managed now. There are sensors of everything. Even odor is measured by sensors, so if the restroom is becoming really stinky the facility management staff would know and they can take the necessary action. The hand dryer, soap dispensers and even the levels of the water being used and the tissues available in the restroom can be known in an instant. Hence the facility management staff just has to be there on time.

This makes their job really easy. This also saves them lots of time and trouble. Believe us, being into facilities management ourselves maintaining a restroom of a busy setup is really a hard nut to crack. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that we have the technology now that can really help us achieve almost complete automation of alert system. If we as facility managers know where the problem is then we are really fast in fixing them. All this technology can help us achieve more and more efficiency. Data-driven cleaning can be mutually beneficial for facility managers and building occupants. Integrating technology can help reduce stress among the cleaning staff and increase staff engagement because of their informed contributions to customer satisfaction—and occupants have a better experience as a result.

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