How Technology is changing restroom maintenance and care

IoT and smart technology of things are the new buzzwords that are taking the way work is done across the industry. Housekeeping and facilities management are also waking up to the revolution. Every day new and improved methods and innovations are being done to improve the housekeeping service delivery in terms of experience and service efficiency. Today we will have a look how IoT and related technology is changing the way restrooms are managed. Although this technology is currently being used by the western countries however we wish to see the same coming to India soon.

Here are the ways in which IoT and related technology are helping the housekeeping staff in managing the way restrooms are kept in mint condition.

Interactive Information Management
A housekeeper can only replenish the supplies if he knows that things are running out. Imagine not having to go and check every inventory item that goes into the restroom. Imagine having a mobile app which automatically tells the housekeeper which item is running out in the restroom and needs to be replenished. For example, if toilet paper or liquid soap is running low then the housekeeping staff would get an alert that the same has to be replenished asap. Also, there could be an added facility for the patrons to inform the housekeeping staff in case something extra needs to be taken care of.

A smart restroom would be nothing without smart devices. That’s where IoT comes in to picture. IoT provides for devices to be connected to each other in a smart manner so that a complete automation can be achieved. Below mentioned are some of the smart devices which make having a smart housekeeping solution for restrooms possible.

Connected Soap Dispensers
Imagine that you have a huge marriage function with over 1000 guests at your property. This would mean that the restrooms would be completely overloaded. Soap will run out faster than what you cater for. What if soap dispensers could automatically tell you that they need to be refilled. This is possible with a smart connected soap dispenser.

Automated Urinals
With IoT, it is possible that urinals can clean themselves rather than a housekeeping staff going and doing it. Smart urinals have sensors that can detect how much a urinal has been used. Based on that data it can then automatically clean and disinfect the urinal without any human intervention.

Traffic Control
When there is a huge crowd in the event that your property is hosting then it’s obvious that there would be a big queue outside the restroom also. People start shouting and creating a commotion just to know whether the toilet is empty or not. That’s where IoT comes in to picture. Smart devices can very well tell the guests which toilet is ready for use and which one is occupied. Even an AI-based algorithm can also be used to determine the expected time when a toilet will be vacant for use again.

The possibility with IoT for housekeeping is tremendous and every day newer innovations are coming up. Its for us to choose how to use them in the correct perspective. We hope our readers like our little blog post. Please stay tuned for more such informative blog posts in the future.

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