How poorly designed offices lead to wastage of time?

How poorly designed offices lead to wastage of time?

India, UK, USA  or anywhere else in the world. It is now an established fact poorly designed offices often lead to poor productivity. According to a survey, one in five UK workers has around two unproductive hours every week caused by the poor or inadequate office and work environments. That’s the negative impact of poor office design in figures for you. Let’s just remind our readers that these figures are sourced from one of the leading facilities management companies research.

On an average, 2.4 hours of productive hours are lost per week globally which can be attributed to poorly designed offices. Mind you this is just an average figure. In India, the amount of time wasted can be even more.

The new analysis, conducted by a former Bank of England economist, urges businesses of all sizes to urgently review their office spaces to ensure the design and facilities benefit the mental health and wellbeing of their staff.  Doing so could radically boost productivity, with previous research showing that happy workers increase productivity by 12 percent, whereas unhappy workers decrease productivity by 10 percent.

What’s so special in India?

There are many things which are really special in India when it comes to designing offices.Firstly it’s the new offices and companies which are even giving some serious thought to this phenomenon. The biggest example of Indians not paying much heed to office designs is the Government run companies. One can easily walk into any of the offices and see for themselves the state of things. Mind you we are speaking about the design here and not space. They are two different things. Having space is one thing and utilizing it properly for productivity is another. To cut the long talk short, Indians still need to learn a lot from other nations as far as designing offices for productivity is concerned.

There are many small companies and likes who are high in numbers. They also contribute significantly to the nation’s economy. However, they are also the worst examples of poor office designs. In the horde of squeezing more out of everything, we are also squeezing our workspaces. Tighter workplaces always amount to discomfort. Add to it the poor design, a recipe for poor productivity.

India really needs to focus on its office designs, as it is one of the factors which contributes to poor work performance.

How can a facility management company help with office design?

Now comes the crucial part. The answer to the question, How can a facility management company help with the office design?. The shortest answer is, it can help in more than one way. Workplace design is not always about architecture. It’s about the layout and keeping things in the utilitarian domain. By design, we mean workplace convenience here. Most of the employees in the office which have poor designs waste their time in reaching out to essential services. For example, water spouts and coffee machines should be near workplaces and not a mile away. Same goes with copying stations and other things. Small changes made in layout and design can go a long way in boosting productivity.

Noise levels in the office is also one of the contributing factors towards low productivity. The amount of noise has to be kept at a bare minimum so that dwellers of the workplace can focus more on work without distractions. Poor ventilation and poor lighting is also one avnue where a good facility management company can help companies with. Both the mentioned factors have a significant impact on the way workers work and not mention their health. If your team is healthy and motivated they are bound to be more productive.

Hope our blog post was successful in throwing some light on the matter.

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