How integrated facility management services can make industries more efficient

How integrated facility management services can make industries more efficient

Integrated Facility Management Services is the need of the hour in the current industrial scenario. The Integrated Facility Management Services acts as a lubricant that makes businesses to perform efficiently by helping them achieve their objective by boosting their productivity and morale. IFMS augments business performance by optimising the cost, time, energy as well as resources. 

The Integrated Facility Service providers manage all service deliveries as well as administrative services, training, operational management related queries, integration, innovation, and extends strategic support to the client organisation. Since the areas in which service is provided are integrated, therefore it facilitates the execution of the plan and provides more flexible solutions. 

What is the purpose of integrating facility services :

Facilities have ceased to be defined as those services extended to the employees by an organisation. But the present facilities are providing the functionality of being used as tools to drive enhanced performance as well as support and augment the company’s culture. They also act as the focal point of talent attraction, motivation and retention. 

Thus it is essential to maximise the value delivered through facility assets by prioritising services on the agenda of companies and senior leaders. This causes the businesses to lean towards Integrated Facility Management Services to enhance the efficiency by reinforcing performances while saving energy, time and resources through sub-contractor management. 

How Integrated Facility Management Services add value to an organisation :

The integrated facility management services can be regarded as a financial management information system whose foundation is established through IT tools. Integrated Facility Management focuses on developing a sustainable environment. Its objectives towards an organization can be summarised below. 

  • It helps in maintaining seamless functioning of work environment by fusing the best of technology and process.
  • It also aids in the optimization of the working procedures, assets, and employees to ease the achievement of the specific objectives and set of goals of the organization.
  • Facility Management has an extensive prospectus and domain. It facilitates logically customized services while ensuring punctuality, professionalism, enhanced amount of efficiency, productivity, as well as maintaining the seamless operation of multiple activities and maintenance of discipline.
  • FM emphasizes its focus by ensuring positive growth and obtaining great results through improvement in advanced technology, strategic planning, and implementation of effective management system.
  • Office and organizational spaces need to provide dedicated and meticulous care to maintain a healthy professional environment . All services starting from the cleaning services to transportation services, utility services, guest management and even housekeeping, etc are covered under Faculty Management services.Facility Management is a cost-optimized and effective solution to provide complete infrastructure maintenance and support.
  • Integrated Facility Management Services assists the organization to achieve its objectives and also ensure that the employees and pillars of the organization stay focused on their core business operations while the FM services takes care of the secondary and other ancillary as well as non-core business activities.

Ways to improve efficiency of a business through Integrated Facility Management Services :

The various ways to improve the effectiveness of a business through IFMS can be enumerated below. 


  • Service Consolidation saves a lot of time – IFMS helps in the avoiding of micro-management. It helps in the consolidation of all the outsourced work of an organisation by dedicating it to one provider and maintaining a single point of contact.
  • Drive cost leadership – IFMS provides great solution to drive economies of massive scale by improving the management efficiencies. It also helps in the proliferation of multi-skilled employees as well as taking advantage of all advanced workplace technologies. 
  • Optimisation of the value of human resources – Without an increment of budget, the service provider is able to position better qualified employees at the workplace who are cross-trained for maximising efficiency and ensuring consistency.
  • Development of Smart buildings – Innovation is responsible for developing smart technologies. But integration is the key to take advantage of data and the newly developed smart technology. IFMS provides data intelligence across all services across sites and helps in the ease of identification of cross-service efficiencies. 
  • IFMS improves communication – IFMS maintain a single point of contact through a provider and therefore is instrumental in creating a cohesive and well-knit team. It improves communication across service lines as well as with the customer, thus achieving greater degrees of transparency.
  • A lean structure helps in the growth of flexibility – IFMS helps in assuming responsibility for all services and thus end-to-end control is furnished to all the people engaged in service delivery. This generates reliability and accountability and also produces e tough flexibility to ensure prompt actions.
  • IFMS helps in the elimination of duplicate functions – Transparent as well as coherent and streamlined value chain increases efficiency and eliminates duplicate functions which might increase overhead costs.
  • Assurance of consistent service quality – IFMS ensures secure deliveries of high service quality. It also ensures service delivery consistency in various procedures and develops superior outcomes across departments and global, national and well as regional sites.


Therefore it is evident that Integrated Facility Management Services help in boosting the productivity and efficiency of an organisation and thus improve its financial bottom line.

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