How hospitals can benefit from innovative facility management

How hospitals can benefit from innovative facility management

Innovation, we all know is the recent call of the day, which is why every business owner or manager must add a touch of innovation to make their business different and bring out a sort of uniqueness in their line. Many who already know this try to introduce innovation to their business through their products or their services as well as through relations to customers or mode of conducting business. They try to change things in some ways and enact things other than the common.

This innovation, of course, is not limited to a particular field or line of business. It extends to cover any and every aspect of the business. Even the medical world is not left out as they can also benefit from various innovative professionals who know how to brand and present their cases well.

How can hospitals benefit from innovative facility management?

Innovation in today’s world is highly associated with technology, and indeed technology is really changing the way housekeeping services and facility management is done in hospitals. If we holistically look at the hospital, it is a small company in its self. There are departments which have to work with each other in perfect harmony in order to provide the perfect healthcare service. Role of facilities management staff just cannot be ignored here.

Facility Management Innovations in Power Management

A hospital is a power hungry place. Every medical equipment consumes a huge amount of power. Power is the major cost head of every hospital. How can facility management team help? Simple, by technology, Modern BIM Systems allow the facility managers to monitor the power consumption zone wise and they can pinpoint the critical areas from where the power can be saved. The technology enables the housekeeping services team with the knowledge where the power consumption can be minimized. Hence saving lots of money for the hospital.

Facility Management Innovations in Crowd Management

A hospital is a really crowded place. It has to be since its a public service institution. It’s also a place where thousands of footfalls happen every day and in some institutions every hour. This means chaos and managing this chaos is the job of the facilities management team. But how does a team of few men manage a crowd of thousands? Again Technology! With cutting-edge video surveillance, lane and crowd management becomes a breeze, this coupled with the latest RFID Technology based space management and movement tracking can really help the facilities team to assess the work requirements in real time.

AI Driven Decision Making

AI and deep learning is really changing the facilities management scene and is really a game changer for facilities staff in the hospital. Now we have systems which monitor everything remotely and provide with precise algorithm based forecasting. This helps the team in maintaining manpower and inventory levels to the optimal level.

The Cleaning Game

Goes without saying the air quality and the cleanliness levels of the hospital have to be perfect. It’s a matter of life and death. The AI systems provide us with a precise schedule for HVAC Maintainance, however, overall cleaning is a very different ball game. For that, we have AI driven cleaning robots which can sense the dirt and germs, and would start cleaning the floors automatically.

This blog post is just a short glimpse of how innovations in facility management are helping deliver exceptional service quality to the hospitals.

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