How flexible working hours can boost productivity of housekeeping staff

Housekeeping is a serious business. The work is physically demanding and mentally draining. No matter how much technology or innovation we put in for housekeeping still it will be a human-centric industry. There is no substitute for manpower and human involvement in housekeeping. Yes, there are certain elements of housekeeping that can be automated and yes we know that a lot of technological innovation is coming in especially after the IoT boom. But still, all this technology and innovation cannot keep up with the human intervention which housekeeping as a profession demands.

Since its a human-centric service and is physically pretty demanding hence it becomes natural that the amount of stress that is involved in executing the duties is always on the higher side. Add to it the fact that the work stress on a housekeeper is pretty dynamic in nature. That’s because every property that a housekeeping company manages is different. Like housekeeping in a star rated hotel will be different from that in a hospital. Every property under management will have its own set of factors that would contribute to work-related stress. Exploring each and every one of them would be beyond the scope of the current blog post. However being into the business of housekeeping we have noticed one common factor. No matter where or which kind of environment we are working in. Its the sudden and unexpected inflow of customers or guest in the property which leads to additional stress.

Well, that was one part of the picture, another contributor to work-related stress and drop in a housekeeping staff members performance is the long and grilling working hours. Have no doubts about it housekeeping is really a demanding job. The working hours are long and you have to be on your toes for most of the time. When the work pressure is high then the housekeeping staff might even work after the scheduled working hours. This really takes its toll in the long run and we often observe a sudden drop in motivation and morale at times due to this. Its natural too as the human body and mind need regular rest and refreshment.

“More companies recognize that the best work doesn’t always happen in the office Monday through Friday from 9 to 5”
– Diane Domeyer

This is actually pretty true in the context of housekeeping also. The regular working hours does not equal to peak productivity. That’s the truth. Every employee is different and has different times when he is at his peak productivity.

The housekeeping companies who really need to boost their productivity to the next level need to realize this for a fact that providing the freedom to choose working hours to their teammates will always see a rise in productivity and work efficiency. A lot has to do with striking the perfect work-life balance here. You see the regular 9 to 5 job or the night shift jobs of the same length can get pretty stressful for the people on the job. Just remember that they are humans too and have families that need their time and attention too.

To make things more clear here let us just say that you need really good and carefree focus while working. This is the only thing which will allow a housekeeping staff member to give his best shot at work. For reaching this peak potential there should be nothing in the back of the mind while working. That will only happen when your work and life priorities are sorted out.

How flexible working hours can help?
This is where the human resources department of every housekeeping company should focus on. Providing their teammates with flexible working options. Depending upon their needs they should be allowed to choose the time slot which will allow them to work with peak efficiency. For example, if there is a person who has a newborn baby then he should be assigned a time slot where he can come to work after getting proper sleep and after having fulfilled his duty as a father and a husband.

If you can provide such working options to your team then there is no doubt that your productivity will rise like anything.

“Savvy employers recognize that staff who are able to take care of personal tasks and pursue outside passions during business hours often bring their most creative and productive selves to the job”

However, as they say that with great power comes great responsibility. The employees or the team should also realize at a holistic level that flexible work hours are provided so that they can be at ease and work with their peak productivity. Hence the team would now be expected to provide exceptional services as far as housekeeping tasks are concerned. There are no second thoughts about it that every work related innovation or facility that is provided to the employee is for achieving peak productivity and nothing else.

As far as housekeeping as a profession is concerned, by providing flexible working hours it can achieve a team which is always serving with a smile, is full of energy and enthusiasm, is willing to take ownership of the companies initiatives and is completely open to challenges and changes. Trust us if you have a team with such traits in place then you would seriously have no competition. Housekeeping is solely dependent upon customer satisfaction and if your team is self motivated then that would just be a byproduct of great efforts.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post. Please stay tuned for more such informative blog posts in the future.

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