How can IFM services help in reducing the Coronavirus threat in India

How can IFM services help in reducing the Coronavirus threat in India

The country and the world is going through a major period of stress. Some say its Earth’s answer to how detrimental humanity has been and their eternal negligence towards the Earth’s resources and health. 

While the cause of the Coronavirus spread is debated still, it has been unanimously agreed upon and declared by the World Health Organisation as a global pandemic. The virus has already caused a lot of deaths all across the world and if proper precautionary measures are not adopted, then it might rise into one of the most potent biological threats that humanity has ever encountered. 

How can Facility Management services help in the control and prevention of Coronavirus : 

COVID-19 has already been observed as a major threat to humanity and its extremely unpredictable nature and rate of evolution has intrigued the scientists and researchers together. But some of its properties and characteristics have been identified, which if eliminated or prevented properly, can help in the prevention of proliferation of the virus. 

One of those properties is the ideal weather and humidity conditions in which the COVID-19 virus survives or stays ineffective. Public building residents are at a high risk of contacting the Coronavirus even if they stay quarantined. Regulations on indoor air quality are extremely essential to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity conditions in which the Coronavirus remains highly ineffective. Maintaining air quality at around 40% relative humidity is said to reduce viral cross-infection.

Studies have shown that the Coronavirus was deactivated the fastest when it had been exposed to mid-range relative humidity around 50%. This was highly opposed to the dry (20% relative humidity) or damp (80% relative humidity) weather conditions which supported the proliferation and promotion of the Coronavirus. Keeping the relative humidity around 40% to 60% have revealed to minimize the spreading risk and susceptibility to the disease. 

Though these indoor air quality standards have been highly acceptable for the building and construction sector, they are hardly adhered to. Indoor air is much drier in the temperature season and the transmission of the Coronavirus is a further testimonial to the importance of maintenance services in such cases. Facility Management services have become clearly important in controlling such a disease-induced pandemic. Their role does not end in the construction of properties but also in their maintenance. Maintenance of indoor air quality is an important facet of facility management. 

Facility Management services and their importance in the control of the Coronavirus spread in India : 

Though the concept of facility management services has been quite new against the Indian industrial perspective, yet its growth and proliferation have been unparalleled in recent years. The facility’s services have further felt a spike in their growth due to the massive boost in reality as well as the services sector. 

Their operation and functions have not only stayed restricted to the construction part only but also have extended them in the maintenance of the constructed premises. Therefore facility management services have emerged as an extremely efficient means to prevent the spread and proliferation of the Coronavirus. Facility Management services have proved to be vital in the maintenance of the indoor air quality by the operation of HVAC and Air conditioning services. Carpet cleaning and control will also prove to be effective in the extermination of microbes, germs, and disease-causing pathogens. 


In India, since most of the country falls to the tropical humid region, therefore the residents are at a high risk of contacting the novel Coronavirus. Social distancing is an emergency measure which is most effective in the prevention of the disease. But since a highly populous country like India will find it extremely difficult to identify and quarantine the affected population, therefore it is extremely essential to practice precautionary measures which will help in the prevention and further spread of the novel Coronavirus. 

Conclusion : 

Recirculated air can be a  major carrier of the Novel Coronavirus. Moreover, the high level of moisture and the temperature in the ambient air are highly conducive for the proliferation of the virus. Thus Indian facility management services have an extremely important role to play in the maintenance and control of the ambient air, temperature and humidity conditions of premises which have proved to be fruitful in the control and elimination of the virus. 

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