How can facility management solutions boost access controls in India

How can facility management solutions boost access controls in India

The passion and grit to make the residential and commercial environments safe and the challenge to place India atop the global security map, has been a driving force which has enthused numerous solutions and services to come forward. From architects and engineers who ensure the safety and security of a building during the design and construction phases; to facility management professionals who are keen to provide the utmost security of the property post-occupancy, safety is indeed a common ground of concern. Therefore smart solutions and prompt services are required to get rid of any kind of security worries across a property.

Access controls :

Digital solutions have seen access controls take gigantic steps and render locks and mortises as archaic, but it cannot be dismissed that effective digitization might see access controls make use of such ancient machinery with competence. 

All co-working spaces and multi-residential facilities pose a huge challenge to the facility managers as well as property and strata managers. All of these personnel are involved in providing foolproof security services to a concerned property. Multi-tenant facilities that can be classified as accommodation-based, institutional and commercial or business-related, can pose a momentous challenge to the safety of a building. The personnel involved in the monitoring and regulating the stream of people entering the concerned premise at any given point of time; thereby ensuring the access of people who are authorized and barring others who are not are always concerned about the safety of the building in question.

The ease of getting the hands-on access control has prompted facility managers and architects alike to opt for customized solutions suited for their specific requirements. 

Initial steps :

The basic step to eradicate any form of inappropriate or menacingly unwieldy access control systems from being installed in any organization or building is to sit down with trusted suppliers and service providers. It is important to subsequently enumerate the exact requirements in front of them. Experienced and top of the class service providers do a careful analysis of the business and space they are going to occupy and finally provide a solution that is tailor-made for the specific purpose while simultaneously agreeing to the budget.

Access controls – Looks :

Generally, the extremely smart and up to date access controls are very bland looking. Access cards and smart electronic keys provide requisite solutions to the security woes. The smart electronic keys are essentially wireless, feature programmable access rights, time scheduling and blocking of lost keys which are rendered as ineffective voids. Thus the facility managers engaged with the security do not have to perform the hefty task of rekeying the entire facility. The access keys and the cylinder are powered by electronics that furnish a unique, unalterable and uncorrupted code during access operations. 

Ease of installation and use of access keys :

Access keys offer simple installation features, as the electronic system is contained in the cylinder itself. They make use of either cloud-based or server-based software, with the latter being more secure. The audio-visual signals that the keys emit after insertion makes them special on all levels. The systems boast of variable applications and styles as well as innumerable sizes and different types of cylinders like padlocks and cam locks. The comparatively smaller systems can make use of lighter software which may be managed through specific applications on mobile phones. Reaching a pinnacle of simplicity and intuitive handling, these access keys offer flexible yet limited functionalities than a more sophisticated system, which might ask for trained and experienced facility management professionals for their seamless execution.

Advantages of integrating facility management in access controls :

  • Digitization has made lives simpler on various fronts. The best feature of digital access lies in the endless number of applications and utilisations it delivers. A facility manager who is distantly positioned from a customer desiring to gain access to a secured location can authorize the customer to do so by granting access through transferring all the needful in a previously blank key.

This access can be timed and the key may lose its charm once the time is over. Thus this kind of system saves both money and time as also the physical stress which could have resulted from the visit of an office, picking off a key and then returning the same.

  • This kind of system makes access controls simpler and extremely cost-effective.

Hence facility management solutions have the potential of gradually leveling up the trends in property security across India and delivering the requisite access services to all and sundry.

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