Hospitality with AI : Technology and IFM

Artificial Intelligence is the modern way of taking the business to the newer heights to generate more business revenue.

Role of AI in the hospitality sector:

Guest is equivalent to god and it can be better reflected by the way of hospitality offered to them. If the guest is satisfied form the services given to them then it will automatically show the impact on recommendations and revenue.

AI is giving new dimensions to offer the hospitality to the guest to give them a best ever experience. It provides a way to streamline the processes that help to get important insights and valuable experiences.

How AI is giving new definition to hospitality?

Following are the ways artificial intelligence is changing the way duties of hospitality setup are being delivered in a flawless and more efficient way.

1. Personalization

One of the important aim of giving the best possible hospitality to the gust to give them a personalized experience that can boost up the revenue and loyalty.

All the hospitality services are customized according to the guest’s needs.

AI uses the machine learning that is adapted to bring the capability in the system to learn from the previous experiences and act according to the current scenario.

AI can give the personal touch to the services offered to the guest by identifying the needs automatically and customize them according to it.

2.Booking and Staff Interaction

Bookings are the major source of revenue of the hotels. Many guests do this booking via the website of the hotels and some of them do the bookings after visiting the hotels.

This booking process takes time but with the help of AI, it can be done in a more efficient way.AI provides a chatbot that is integrated with the website of the hotel that gives a personalized experience to the customer and saves their time as well. Interaction with the guest becomes easy through AI.

3.Updates and Maintenance

It is important to manage the records and required data of the guest and hotel in such a way that it can be retrieved and utilized easily. It contains the data taken the time of booking and the feedback given by the guest that is most important to analyze the hospitality that hotel offers.

AI can maintain the workflow of the tasks taken place in the hotels and also keep an eye on the areas where modification needs to be done.

4.Reputation Management

The hospitality offered to the guest defines the reputation of the business.

AI can be used to analyze the reviews and feedback given by the users that can be helpful to determine the satisfaction level of the users.

AI is the most advanced and technical way of building public-relations.

5. Informing Competitive Intelligence

AI is used to manage multiple databases to provide efficient information retrieval and to utilize it for the target audience. .Demographic statistics and reviews can be analyzed with competitive intelligence.

6.Occupancy and Rate Optimization

The occupancy can be increased with the help of AI.

AI can promote the events and services with systematic planning of marketing.

The amalgamation of AI with hospitality can give the reason to the users to use the services provided by the business again and again.

Data can be collected, cleaned and saved in a systematic manner with AI.

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